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I was a little put off with his satyr look, although I came to see why it made sense. I grew to like it though unfortunately it didn't last long. He was this kick ass counterpart to Reed who was constantly on the verge of admitting he messed up the super positioner codes that made them all grotesque versions of themselves. He was so very unlike his 616 counterpart. He was smart and a loner. He grew up with money. Not as a gypsy. He came to America as a child and actually had a good working relationship with Reed up until the code change. He gained new powers. His body and strength were on par with the Thing's if not slightly stronger and more durable. His skin shagged off and left behind this super hard super dense biometal. His internal organs became a poisonous gas he could burp at people. Doom could even shoot deadly spike shards of his skin at others. He looked different. Thought different. Was different.  
Then some asshole decided to make him King of Latveria (not Romania which would have made more sense). Some asshole made him learn "magic". Had him put on an exact copy of his 616 armor. Had him go around screwing with everyone and everything even though it had jack shit to do with him being: 
1. A king 
2. Reed's better 
3. The smartest guy on the planet.  
4. The kind of guy who would make the 616 Doom look like a weak ass pussy. 
And to make things even worse, he was blamed for stupid things like the Squadron Supreme universe's near demise and the real reason behind the Ultimatum Wave.   
And of all the people in the world to best him, with Ultimate Namor right there (a true badass in his own right who makes 616 Namor look like a weak ass loser), The Thing crushes his skull inside his armor.  Armor he didn't need because his skin was already stronger than the armor. 
How in the hell did he get weak enough to be beaten like that? Who is responsible for the total misuse of what was potentially one of the few greater characters in the UU?

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@kimeraevet: .................................................probably Jeph Loeb