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do you guys think bruce got the idea for the beyond suit from nightwings.

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Maybe like a mix of red Nightwing and Batwoman?

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in all reality no. other than cosmetic looks the Batman Beyond suit does not have any Grayson qualities. Grayson got massively screwed in the Beyond Universe and never became Batman instead he was shot in the eye and gave up cuz daddy didnt care but whatever. not to mention when the Batman Beyond suit was first introduced when Nightwing was still in blue. I see ageing Bruce elements in it like boosting strength, flying around and such but there are not any Grayson elements i see. I don't see Grayson ever flying around in fact i believe Dick thoroughly enjoys acrobatically moving from building to building. not to mention in the main universe Grayson built an entirely different Bat Suit to match up with this faster and more acrobatic fighting style, I don't see Bruce adding them in when the change does not match Bruce's fighting style.

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Well based on the original Beyond Universe the answer's yes. The suit cosmetically resembled Dick's Nightwing suit more than any other suit in the Bat Family, all black with the logo stretching over the entire chest. Then there were also the wings Terry used to help him while he flew. Those were also similar to Dick's, though he used them for gliding (And Terry's done the same), and Dick's suit was again the only one to ever have this trait.