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As with my various other Chronology thread here is one for Destroyer Armor.

Starting with generic bio entries.

This is what Marvel Handbook 1983 had on Destroyer Armor

Marvel Handbook 1984 explains how Destroyer is capable of wielding Mjolnir without being worthy

Marvel Handbook 1984 also says Destroyer Armor is more durable than Ultron and Mjolnir

Marvel Handbook 1984 on Destroyer Armor versatility

Marvel Handbook 1984 Destroyer armor weakness

Marvel Handbook 1984 also explains how Destroyer seemingly got bigger against Celestials

Marvel Handbook 1989 on Destroyer Armor weakness

Marvel Handbook 1992 on its powers and abilities

Dark Reign Files 2009 on Destroyer Armor

Now moving on to his chronology

Journey into Mystery # 118: Loki manipulates a hunter into finding the Destroyer Armor. Thor follow and a fight ensures. Thor seem unable to harm the destroyer, and the Destroyer is capable of wielding Thor's hammer. Destroyer energy attack is capable of slicing through Thor's hammer. Destroyer then using magnetic force to pull Thor down on the ground. Destroyer then uses force beam to liquidify the floor and turn it into Asgardian diamond trapping Thor.

Destroyer then unleashes a bolt of elemental power, which Thor himself acknowledges will turn Thor into another element the moment it touches him.

Journey into Mystery # 119: Destroyer elemental power is about to turn Thor into a different element but Loki using his magic manages to turn him intangible, weird part is destroyer believe he can change the frequency of his attack to harm the intangible Thor. We don't get to see this part because Thor becomes solid again. Destroyer unleashes bolt of molten force to turn the ground of temple into river of lava. Thor drops a million tons arc of solid rock upon Destroyer which doesn't even slow him down. Thor gets hold of the hunter whose essence revived the Destroyer, Destroyer warns him that he is forced to destroy so he is going to use his most destructive power, the disintegration beam, but Destroyer chooses not to harm his own body and the soul flows from Destroyer armor into his human form stopping the Destroyer armor in track.

Marvel Handbook 1984 collaborates the whole incident

Thor Annual # 2: Loki who has been banished and imprisoned in "non-space" sends his mental bolt to earth to awaken the Destroyer. Destroyer awakes , unleashing an unimaginable force gushing upwards from the rubble, hurling giant boulders into the air with the fury of an exploding nova. Destroyer is giving out massive energy, enough raw, living power to shatter a planet. Destroyer casually defeats Hiemdall and is going to for the kill, against none other than Odin himself. He stomps Volstagg on his way. He is opposed by an army of Asgardians but he with one single sweep of his fist shatters every sword within reach though they were not but twigs. He goes on pwning Asgardians as if they were nothing. Odin himself is pretty concerned that Destroyer has come to kill him. Thor the goes all out on Destroyer, manages to drop him on the ground but cant defeat him. Destroyer than start generating heat bolt described as being more potent then a dozen flaming suns. He is face to face with Odin about to try and kill him with his disintegration beam, but Odin with help of Balder locates Loki, stops time, and manages to sever Loki's connection to the Destroyer stopping it in its tracks.

Marvel Handbook 1984 backs the whole incident

The Mighty Thor # 150: Loki and Hela manipulate Sif into merging with the Destroyer and send to earth to help, now de-powered Thor, against the Wrecker. Destroyer stomps the wrecker, whose enchanted crowbar breaks upon hitting the Destroyer.

The Mighty Thor # 151: The story starts with a de-powered Thor fighting against the Destroyer, whom Sif is holding back as much as she can. In the middle Odin gives back Thor his full power, but he is still struggling. Destroyer opens his visor unleashing his disintegration beam but Thor manages to avoid it.

The Mighty Thor # 152: With all his godly powers returned Thor is still helpless against the Destroyer armor, but the armor is defeated once Norm Queen, in order to save her life against Ulik, withdraws Sif spirit from the Destroyer upon Balders request.

The Mighty Thor # 224: Professor Clement Holmes who has found the destroyer after his last fight tries to awaken the destroyer and the destroyer does awaken using his very soul. Every time destroyer awakens it becomes more and more difficult to defeat him because destroyer learns from each activation and becomes stronger.

Looking for Thor destroyer finds Hercules and find ensures. As expected Hercules find himself unable to defeat Destroyer who starts throwing him around like a baby. Thor intervenes but physically Thor himself is outmatched so he uses his hammer to BFR Destroyer into a river, but Destroyer comes back.

The Mighty Thor # 225: Thor isnt fairing any better against the Destroyer but when Hercules finds professor body the soul of the professor leaves the destroyer living him un-animate again.

The Mighty Thor # 228: Firelord no longer wants to be Galactus herald, but Galactus will only let Firelord go if he finds a replacement. The replacement is given in the form of Destroyer Armor that Galactus makes his herald and leaves.

Marvel Handbook 1986 backs the whole incident

Fantastic Four # 172: So Destroyer, who is now the herald of Galactus has found Counter Earth. High Evolulationary, on the artificial moon is trying to hold Destroyer at bay with his Null Force but Destroyer is coming closer and closer and finally lands on the artificial moon. Ben Grim is send to stop the Destroyer but Destroyer knows its just a means to delay him rather than a true contest of strength. Sue comments on how Destroyer is not interested in the fight "The Destroyer's down almost as if he is letting Ben beat him. As if even he is beginning to realize that there can be no end to this fight". Destroyer Armour goes limp as if he his knocked out upon Galactus's arrival.

Fantastic Four # 173: That last issue we saw Destroyer Armor defeated by Thing, which is weird given Destroyer Armor has had Thor and Hercules stark helpless against him. This is explains why that happened. To directly quote Galactus

"You think you have won a significant victory defeating the one called Destroyer"

"Yet you cannot know that since becoming by herald he has been powered by the most minuscule portion of my own nigh inexhaustible life force"

"And rather than waste even that tiny spark in useless battle with such a mindless brute as yourself i preferred to mentally withdraw it from him. So that what you call "defeated" was a mere lifeless metallic shell"

The Mighty Thor # 265: So when Galactus was busy fighting, and as seen in the actual event stomping High Evolutionary, Loki who is currently in Odin thorn managed to teleport Destroyer Armor home (oddly enough Galactus never notice Destroyer missing nor did he attempt to retrieve him from Loki O_o..). Destroyer possessed by the power of Balder is unleashed upon Thor.

Thor as always goes all out against Destroyer but is almost defeated before the warrior 3 intervene. Destroyer then with a single gesture swats them away like flies. Thor however manages to get up, blind destroyer with a throw of a giant pillar and seemingly escape. Destroyer starts looking for Thor but Thor attacks him from behind and the battle renews Thor is still unable to do anything to put Destroyer down (so yeah nothing has changed :p)

Marvel Handbook 1984 backs the whole incident

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The Mighty Thor #266: The Supremely powerful Destroyer continues to fight Thor in a very one sided battle. Destroyer then starts attacking Thor with arcane fire. He then attacks Thor with kzippa particle whose annihilating touch neither man nor god can long endure. Seeing Thor get badly battered, Karnilla teleports to Loki's domain, bring back the soulless body of Balder the Brave, and tries to perform a spell to put the soul of Balder back into himself, when she is attacked by Loki and she screams in pain. This has a massive turn of event because Balder knows Karnilla loves him, so Balder empowered Destroyer turns away from Thor and focuses on Loki himself.

Loki to save his life pull the spirit from Balder body and puts it back into Balder stopping the Destroyer and then tries to posses the Destroyer himself. Unfortunately for Loki, Thor manages to touch the Destroyer first animating it with his soul. Destroyer then continues to turn towards Loki. Loki puts all his arcane powers in a single earth shattering blot to try and incinerate Destroyer, result, Destroyer isnt even phased. Loki knows he is f$#ked specially when Destroyer starts charging the disintegration beam. Thankfully Odin arrives, who asks Thor inside of the Destroyer to bow down upon him, which the Destroyer does. Then Odin transfers Thor soul back into Thor.

The Mighty Thor # 289: In order to stop an extremely angry Thor, Sif is forced to activate the Destroyer. Thor attacks Destroyer with everything he's god but Destroyer can take the punishment. Thor realizing its Sif's soul refuses to fight back and gets flunged right out of Asgard.

The Mighty Thor # 300: So in order to fight the Celestials, Odin asked his greatest craftsmen to built a suit of Armour of unequal power much like the Celestials. Odin then took the Destroyer Armour to his fellow sky-lords who bestowed upon it a fraction of their power. Odin then collected every soul of Asgard, including himself (barring Thor) and used it to empower the Destroyer. He also grabbed his biggest weapon, the Oversword of Asgard, and was ready to face the Celestials. Destroyer uses his disintegration beam to blow a hole on the energy barrier erected by the Celestials. Odin then faces the assemblage of the 4th host. Gaemmenon and Jemiah blast Uni-Mind and spits its component, effectively taking out the Eternals in one shot.

Odinsword manages to slice off an arm of a Celestial clean, but Celestial immediately regenerated. Destroyer then unleashes his disintegration beam which gets casually deflected. Destroyer itself blocks some of the attacks from the Celestials. Destroyer is then destroyed when the 4th Host attack it in unison.

Marvel Handbook 1984 collaborates the whole incident

The Mighty Thor # 301: The issue quickly recaps Destroyer's defeat in the hands of the mighty Celestials.

The Mighty Thor # 381: The Destroyer Armour appears before the frost Giants and starts pwning them all the same. Thor who has been barred from Death seem to be the only person Destroyer cant destroy. But the issue ends with Thor and the Destroyer fighting and Thor's very essence animating the Destroyer. He even dons his cape and all. Weird part was, this is the first issue Destroyer has been shown to talk

The Mighty Thor # 382: So an angry Hela has decreed that until Thor bows down to Hela he cant die and wont heal from his injuries. Angered by this, Thor merged with the Destroyer Armour comes to Hel to seek revenge. Thor is first opposed by the hell-hound Garm who gets stomped. Hela then calls upon the army of undead against the Destroyer, result the army gets god-stomped. Thor now goes after Hela herself, even in Hel where Hela is supreme she is powerless against the Destroyer and is trying her best not to get murdered by the Destroyer. Only thanks to Loki's manipulation does Thor finally relinquish the Destroyer Armor, else Hela herself admits she would have been killed.

Marvel Handbook 1989 backs the whole incident in detail

The Mighty Thor # 437: Sif and Balder travel to Hel only to find that Hela has been overthrown by the Destroyer Armor.

The Mighty Thor # 438: Sif and Balder are faced against Destroyer and they know full well that they cannot win, thankfully because they have norm stone they turn themselves invisible and escape. They find that the Destroyer Armour has turned the skeleton warriors of Hela into stone and Gram into a barren rock with dog's head :p

The Mighty Thor # 440: Gar Toom the living mountain opposed the Destroyer, result he is utterly destroyed. Sif thinking the Destroyer is animated by Thor's soul try to calm it down, only to realise its animated not by Thor but Lorelei, the sister of Enchantress.

The Mighty Thor # 441: Sif helpless against Destroyer is barely avoiding being killed. Destroyer own blast destroyed the foundation of mountain dropping a million tons of rock on Destroyer, which only acted as a momentary distraction. Balder frees Hela who trapped Destroyer in a dome of energy where Destroyer would be force to fight the great beast.

Marvel Handbook 1993 backs the whole incident

Thor Annual # 17: This has a generic page describing the Destroyer.

The Mighty Thor # 476: We get to see what has happened to Destroyer after getting BFRed into the dimension of Great Beasts. Destroyer keeps tearing the tentacles of the Great Beasts but it keeps growing, because it is beyond Death. Destroyer on the other hands is indestructible so that's like an ever lasting stalemate. Hela then pulls the soul of Lorelei out of the Destroyer and embudes it with the soul of the hell hound Gram, who then goes to fight Thor.

Destroyer tears through mjolnir. Thor is helpless and the fight ends with Destroyer having on the ground, helpless, about to be killed.

The Mighty Thor # 477: Before Destroyer can kill Thor, he is intervened by Thunderstrike. They fight for a while before Hela asks him to flee. The battle with Thor and Thunderstrike is renewed, but Thor finds something strange, he can sense the presence of Donald Blake inside the Destroyer. Thor goes to retrieve the body of catamose Donald Blake, because Hela , knowing that Destroyer has never been animated by non-humonoid put in Donald Blake spirit as well. Now there is an internal struggle between the spirit of Hela + Gram vs Donald Blake, this internal struggle weakens the Destroyer before if it toppled by Thor and Thunderstrike and all 3 spirit leave the Destroyer Armour.

The Incredible Hulk # 461: Destroyer Armor animated by the soul of Mastero comes to kill General Ross and is opposed by Hulk. Just like Thor , Hulk is unable to really do anything against the Destroyer but Destroyer is going some good damage against the Hulk. When Destroyer touches Hulk, his subconscious jumps into the Destroyer Armour Then an internal struggle within the Destroyer starts, its Hulk vs Mastero for control of the Destroyer Armour. Destroyer is about to release his disintegration beam before Hulk shuts the Visor of the Destroyer and the Armour falls under a giant rubble, inanimate.

Thor Vol 2 # 1: Destroyer Armor animated by the soul of Colonel Case comes to Earth. He is opposed by the Avengers. Wanda tries to use her hex to defeat Destroyer but Hawkeye has to jump in to save her before she gets killed by the Destroyer Armor. Destroyer than proceeds to attack Wanda, Captain America and Hawkeye, Thor joins in who turns into Destroyer punching bag. Iron Man swoops in to give Thor a breating room, Thor calls giant thunder and all his powers, blasting Destroyer with everything he has got, but the Destroyer Armour doesnt even budge. Destroyer Armor proceeds to beat Thor up pretty bad before he unleashes his power and kills Thor.

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@dondave: Thank you for the help, i am sorry but you are going to be my go to guy everytime i need to bump a chronology thread :)

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@killemall: As always, nice job buddy :D I will have to get to this later. To much for me to read at one time. O_O

Thank you and dont read it yet, its not complete. This is a little more than half of the chronology, i will upload the remaining half when i get time, hopefully late today or tomorrow.

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Alright lets try and finish this.

Thor Vol 2 # 2: Seeing Thor dead, the Avengers attack Destroyer in anger, and arent faring any better. Wanda tries to bring Thor back to life before Destroyer blasts them.

NOTE: I am not posting these scan of what happened to Thor after seeming getting killed by the Destroyer because it doesnt recally concern the Destroyer, but just to fill it up, Marnot (one of Odin raven) goes to Hel, threatns Hela and sends Thor back to Earth alive with a promise that he will choose to live as Jake Olsen.

Back to Destroyer, by the time Thor returns Avengers are already defeated. Thor then BFRs Destroyer.

Thor Vol 2 # 12: In order to fight the Dark Gods Thor recruits Destroyer to join his ranks. Destroyer agrees and they go fight the Dark Gods. While the Destroyer is doing exceedingly well against the fodder Dark Gods he is struggling against Perrikus. Once Odin is free (scan not included because i only focused on Destroyer) Zelia merges the power entire Dark Gods into a giant scary golem thingy agaist whose blast even Destroyer had to cower and run. Odin even comments how Destroyer nearly perished in the fight. Thor and Odin eventually win the fight with a godblast and Odin hugging and absorbing energies of Zeila.

Thor Vol 2 # 13: Thor promised Destroyer that if he joined against Thor in the fight against Dark Gods, Odin would finally let his spirit go back into the body of Colonel Case, which is what he does in this issue.

Thor Vol 2 # 36: Jake Olsen is in hospital near dead when the hospital is attacked by the Destroyer armor animated by the soul of Tarene, the Designate. Marnot unleashes Thor from side Jake Olsen who stand against the Destroyer but knowing it is animated by Tarene Soul, one who must survive above all, is reluctant to attack.

Thor Vol 2 # 37: Thor is reluctant to fight Destroyer because of Tarene. Destroyer however has no such problems. Push comes to shove, Thor finally decides to fight back but is still outmatched by the Destroyer, who breaks his arm. Fell on the ground helpless Thor is about to be killed by the Destroyer before the issue ends.

Thor Vol 2 # 38: Destroyer leaves the bruised and battered Thor, and continues to destroy everything around him. Deprived of his hammer Thor returns into his mortal body. Odin sends Designati's hammer to turn Olsen back into Thor but he is still outmatched against the Destroyer. Odin comes to Earth and physically makes the Destroyer relinquish the soul inside Tarene thereby stopping the Destroyer.

Thor Vol 2 # 78: In order to stop Desaak, Loki animates the Destroyer with Tarene's body. The Destroyer starts fighting Desaak and is doing pretty well before it actually stops because Tarene is also Desaak master. The Destroyer than morphs with Desaak.

Thor Vol 2 # 79: The Destroyer controlled by Desaak starts to unleash, he nearly kills Magni. Thor is force to fight and he finally throw his hammer carving a hole in Destroyer head.

Thor Vol 3 # 5: The Destroyer is unleashed against Odin force Thor, who knowing he is outmatched calls upon the Asgardian army, but before the army can arrive , Balder whose spirit awaken the Destroyer is brought to life leaving Destroyer soul-less.

Thor: Man of War # 1: In order to teach Thor humility, he is opposed by Odin in the Destroyer Armor carrying the Odin sword, talk about overkill :p. Thor gets humbled, depowered and send to earth.

Iron Man/ Thor God Complex: I got this on TPB so i am putting everything pertaining to Destroyer that happened in the 4 issues under here.

High Evolutionary is trying to make a God fit for 20th Centry and one ingrident he needs is the Destroyer Armor. The Destroyer armor is preserved by Thor, who is attacked by an amped up Ulik and Diablo, the latter of whom uses his alchemy to hold Destroyer property inert preventing it from absorbing the soul of whoever touches it. High Evolutionary uses the Destroyer to start the process but unwittingly turns Diablo into god instead of himself.

Diablo is defeated when Thor merges his power thur Iron Man, because if science and magic together can make a god, it can together unmake one just as well.

The Mighty Thor # 2: Odin hides the Galactus inside inside the Destroyer armor. Its cool to see the chest plate of the Armor actually open.

The Mighty Thor # 5: After realising he doesnt have enough power to continue fighting Galactus, Odin wakes the Destroyer but sadly he doesnt get to fight anyone.

Journey into Mystery # 628: So Loki is walking around with Destroyer by his side. Destroyer pwns few fodders but Loki explains how Destroyer cant fight Serpent.

Loki "No not nearly enough it (Destroyer) would be scrap. The Serpent isnt one we can face directly nothing can defeat the God of Fear"

Fearless Defenders # 4 AU: Destroyer armor was somehow destroyed in Asgard vs Latveria war in one of the twisted version of our reality.