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I'm beginning to wonder whether we shouldn't separate these out by civilian identity like the Green Lanterns and then have a concept page for "The Flash".

At the moment we have separate pages for 'Flash', 'Kid Flash' and 'Impulse', despite the fact that the most recent incarnations of each is Bart Allen.

And how come Bart is listed as 'The Flash' when Jay Garrick is still perfectly active under the name, but he is listed as 'Jay Garrick'.

And if you're looking at a 90s JLA issue and you link form there to the flash expecting information on Wally West, you'll be sorely disappointed.

I think this needs to be resolved. It's messy and it speaks to our entire filing system.


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I agree that the Flash entry/entries should split by civilian name. There could be a FLASH Page and links to the various holders to the name.

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Yeah, I agree; I didn't know this was already being done for The Green Lantern, hmm...

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