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ok, can someone please delete that before i see it one more time and go ape-s#!t on stupid users who believe Comic Vine is here just for them to create mindless characters that have never appeared in any comic before aside from their own imagination...


moves off to track down said users and begin homicide


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196 POINTS!!

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..do you title every thread "wtf" lol

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I knew this was going ot happen one day....Im going to help you Methos

swiftly follows the homocidal Time Lord in assistance

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Obi Wan Kenobi! said:
do you title every thread "wtf" lol

if it makes me go "What the f**k?!?", then yes i do...

i'm not subtle

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Hey, I'm not complaining.

lol JK.

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TheDrifter said:
"Hey, I'm not complaining.

lol JK."
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Was it a fan character? I've had a few of those deleted.
Some people are just confused.

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Do you know what wtf stands for?

W - Washing

T - The

F - Floor