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I checked around, and only found instances of the problem, but no encompassing message. There are many split characters, one with just their name, the other with a "The." For example, there is a "Riddler" and a "The Riddler," each with issues, description, etc. If you type in the word "the" you get a bunch of characters, usually with a small amount of issues attached to them. Maybe deleting/combining these could be someone's summer project?

Also some Mr./Mister Dr./Doctors, etc. may be out there.


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I'd like to mention in a similar gripe that volumes like The Uncanny X-Men turn up as "The" when you try doing that tag thing to them, because the tag thing looks like Uncanny, The. or Avengers, The.

...but I guess that kind of thing belongs in bugs, hmm. Meh. It's just a "The" problem I thought I'd mention. ;D