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Kraken has an Alias, Powers, a First Appearance, and appears in more issues, so I figured that's the one we wanted to keep, sorry G-Man (I noticed you contributed to The Kraken).

The text on The Kraken is basically the same as Kraken so I didn't bother with it. The picture on The Kraken I moved into Kraken's gallery.

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thats alot of Krakens

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The Kraken has haunted my psyche since childhood (Clash of the Titans). I couldn/t submerge in any moderately frigid body of water with out the haunting image of Arcetuthis in pursuit of me. I was orrationally convinced rthat I would be teleported into the ocean and the deep, black crushing domain of the Kraken.

I have vowed since childhood to train myself for the fateful day that I and that swimming nightmare meet.

So the Umbrella Academies Kraken was an instant favorite of mine.

A lil off topic but a nice window into the mind of Sling Shot, so no big loss.