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The guy who put the issues in Origin also put the issues in Testament.


The weird thing is that there are spaces between the paragraphs in the Origin entries and that says to me that he did the Testament entries first, then put paragraphs in for the Origin issues. That's just base speculation on my part, but if you try copying and pasting from Origin to Testament, you'll still get the spaces between paragraphs, which is not the case when you check the Edit page for the Testament volume issues.

Still, he's also the leading contributor on all the Origin issues so it was probably just a mistake on his part... it annoys me when people get points for this kind of stuff, but, oh well, moving on...

As it stands right now, issues can't be deleted. But I'm going to go ahead and make sure all the "first appearances" are in the Testament volume, not the Origin one.

When we can delete issues (hopefully in CV 2.0), you should definitely bring this page back up again.

Oh, and I'm going to make sure that the Testament issues have those spaces between their paragraphs that the Origin issues had, heh.
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