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A good role model for children would be involved in activities, fundraisers, and dress appropriately in public. What she is doing appeals to adult men and not little kids. Her being a role model could mean young girls would want to copy her style and dress that way. What happened if one of them was to get raped? So, I wouldn't consider her a role model but a former Disney star who does not act like a child entertainer. What really needs to happen is people attack Disney for this not Miley because Disney is the one who made her Hannah Montana. Since Miley gets all the hate it makes Disney look better. Why should they get off clean? They are the ones who invented her. It's just going to keep happening because most Disney stars grow up to be that way. They can't find a better role model who isn't going to whore themselves.

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Who? or What?

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Not anymore, she was caught smoking salvia.

Not a good look to tell the kids.

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No. Why do you keep making these threads?

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LOL I dunno.

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Who cares

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@awesam said:

No. Why do you keep making these threads?

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I'm not sure anyone does....?

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I like kittens :D

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yes, if you're trailer park trash kids.

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...Okay, while I agree with the others that this thread is totally pointless, I'll bite.

What the hell are you going to blame Disney for? They don't deserve to be blamed. They made her famous when she was acting like a good kid. She was fine, hell she could've continued that popularity.

For whatever reason, as soon as she left Disney, she decided to act like a total tramp, and prance around half naked on her first video away from Disney, then it only continued to go down hill as she pretty much rushed to make herself seem "LOOK, I'M GROWN UP. LOOK WHAT I'M DOING. NOT INNOCENT ANYMOOOH.". That's not Disney's fault. That's just Miley being stupid, apparently.

Don't see any reason to blame Disney.

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What happened to love, man?!?!

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I'll never understand actors/actresses, that just do stupid **** and mess up their lives.

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When I realize my crush was around after I did something stupid

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Amazing guy at the gym is just amazing

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It is still the child that will choose the role model. Not the other way around.

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This has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

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Nobody is a good role model these days.