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Hmm, this was actually done by me. I had thought Locations were attached to Comic Publishers like most of the entries here. So, I made an entry for Asgard for the Comico universe. It's different from the Marvel Asgard, in that it's basically destroyed and will become a superhero base. So I'm kind of on the fence whether this should just be merged with the other Asgard or not.

Which hinges on another weird thing I've noticed on the Vine...real life people in comics. Often times I see 'Ronald Reagan' (or whomever) in several different places, all with different publishers. e.g. DC has a Ronald Reagan, Marvel has a Ronald Reagan, etc. If I attach Ronald Reagan to some Indy volume, I usually just grab one of the Ronald Reagans from Marvel or DC. It would seem that real life people really shouldn't be attached to a Publisher (much like Locations). Okay it's late, I'm musing. But if a Mod wants to make a call and combine (or not) this is the original Asgard (http://www.comicvine.com/asgard/34-40990/ ) and the one I added (http://www.comicvine.com/asgard/34-55759/).

And I wouldn't mind hearing anyone else's thoughts/suggestions on this... ;)

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I think most real life people and locations could be combined unless there's some specific reason not to.