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who does this kind of bull$#!%

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Iron Apollo says:

"who does this kind of bull$#!%"

People who donated one too many brain cells to the brain cell fund.

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yeah guess they had a headbanger's ball, it's the way to donate.

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That is the awesomest and beats my "Nebulous hand"

I think they came in when Red Lamp was first starting the database. When he gathered all these things, they probably made sense on the database it was on, but putting all these things on to one place (think of all the different formats, styles, etc.), made for problems like this and duplications.

Remember all characters have to be approved, so unless they're approving with their eyes closed, Calista at age seven ..., etc. are all from implementation (Note there usually isn't a submitter credit on the left hand side either)

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The incorrect/duplicate character names in CINDER (That's the name of the CV Database), have been there since we launched on Dec 2006. They were NOT added by members of CV.

So how did they get there? CINDER was originally created by code I wrote that crawled the internets for comic book character names. The bad names are just a bi-product of that initial crawl.

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Thank God. L.A.M.P., you have restored my tiny faith in humanity. :)

Any progress on allowing trusted users to Delete/Combine pages?