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If a live action Deathstroke movie was coming out, who do you think could pull the ultimate Deathstroke? He'd have to be able to pull off bad@$$ stunts and have white hair since Slade is fairly old.

If I had to pick, it'd have to be between Christopher Lee or Jeff Bridges? But who do you think would make the perfect Slade Wilson?

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You're joking, right?

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Stephen Lang

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Eric Dane

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I mean come on,

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Brett Favre or a Big Boss clone.

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Stephen Lang

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STEPHEN LANG 1000 times yes

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He voiced Slade, he looks like Slade, HE IS SLADE.

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Jason Statham

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@jimmy11: would buy tickets to see him shoot teenagers

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Robert Patrick

They call Deathstroke the Terminator, amazingly underrated actor and he can looks kill at kicking ass

Tim Roth

Abomination wasnt such a great character, they failed at notice Roth was a bigger villain that the cGI horrible monster they made him, heck he look like if can kick the sorry but of the Captain America and later tell him when he was lying

Daniel Giménez Cacho

You may know some mexican actor, most likely the ones that suck and have huge egos, this guys is really, really good.

Josh Brolin

He was one of the Goonies, THE GOONIES

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