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@batwatch: Theres not much you or I can do about PIS. But its the reason I dont often get into actual debates about Flash or Martian Manhunter, or to a lesser extent Silver Surfer. Because none of them are regularly written to what is considered their potential.

Green Lanters vary and theres no telling what sort of strength or creativity youll see at any given time.

@theocitylegend: You probably know more Nightwing showings then I do. That said, the major straight up fight I remember, Nightwing was stomped easily, but kept coming, to be stomped again. Slade had a hit, and Nightwing was the only person around to stop him, so even though his own narration noted how out of his league Deathstroke was, he kept trying.

Anyway, I do know there is significantly more showings of Deathstroke stalemating the entire Teen Titans than Nightwing stalemating him alone.

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I'd say Wolverine is the closest physically and skill wise.

Logan beats him out strength wise, but good pick here.

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Wolverine and maybe spidey

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Black Panther and Boba Fett.