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Is freaking great

How many of you thought that was a video and clicked it? Admit in the comments below

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I think the helmet could be better, but looking at it from different angles during the episode, it's not nearly as bad as I first thought. Armor looks awesome, if it could use some more orange, and I was disappointed at the katana rather than whatever longsword he uses in the comics. But otherwise, yeah, it's freaking great.

Play "button" is off-center/embedded "video" is too narrow. Shadow underneath the image box - CV doesn't do that for videos. And if you watched the episode via internet streaming then we're using a similar service.

So in other words I might have.

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The mask looks real amateur. The one they had on the island is a lot better.

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I didn't even see the play button until I read what was under the spoiler....

And this news is like a week old lol.

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The island mask was soooo much better.

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Mask looks weird, but the rest is perfect

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As long as they make him a complete badass, I don't care if is looks are a little off

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Army of Two wants their mask back

use island mask instead

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He looks good, except for the helmet, which looks like a sort of lopsided hockey mask. Although the island mask looked kind of like a Nerf ball, it was way better than this new one.

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@mitran: na I stole it from bleedingcool

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I seem to be the only one who prefers this mask to the island one.

The island one always looked a little off to me, I felt it looked a little cheap and flimsy tbh.

I was very glad when I saw they'd changed it to this one.

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I still haven't seen the episode but from this image I can say that this so far looks far better than the costume from the Island.

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I think this mask is way better than the island mask.

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Looks great, though I liked the mask from season One more.

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I thought the mask on the island looked too soft for Arrow's world. His mask in the Arrow world should be more like the Arkham Origins Deathstroke, and this is significantly closer to that than the one on the Island. My only minor complaints are: Yeah, it looks like a hockey mask rather than like an actual armored helmet. Aside from that, I kind of wish the black side was completely smooth, rather than having an indent for an eye, even though it's covered properly.

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@jonsmith: My arguement exactly. Wouldn't mind the mask as much if the black side were smooth. That's what makes it off putting to me. But all in all I think it'll grow on me.

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I don't think you guys saw this photo, did you?

the last stage of the suit... I like it

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Ok man you just convinced me to start watchin Arrow! :D

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HOTDAMN!!! I just began watchin the series and the badass just made his entrance!

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Ugh..thanks to the pointless Olympics we have no arrow for 2 weeks. I was really looking forward to watching arrow on my dvr with a big breakfest and nice hot cup of coffee.

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I actually didn't like the suit, there is no armor and it's just a bunch of straps. His helmet isn't that great either.

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I guess it looks ok. It makes sense that Manu Bennett isn't wearing armor as it would be too bulky to move around in so I can accept him wearing a thick jacket, or whatever that is. But I just don't like the mask. I don't know why, I just don't. It looks like a hokey mask and I find it weird that the side he wears an eye patch in still has the eye shape even if Its filled in. Honestly I think that his mask from Arkham origins would of been better.

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I preferred the shape and style of the island mask but overall I think he looks real badass (could use a little more orange though)

1.The ways that it could be improved on are; Orange utility belts,straps,and body pads e.g. Elbow armour and knee cap armour

2. Bring back his island mask but metal and orange instead of yellow/cream

3. Give him his long sword with orange hilt