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<p>I know probably not but I think they could pull it off you know. Comment on if they could or who you want the dlc characters to be but mostly focus on Deadshot.</p>

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deadshot could easly be an a deathstroke rip-off

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@loki9876: deadshot was made in 1958 and deathstroke was made in 1980 what are you talking about

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@darktiger: I mean their moves could be similar in the game and a lot of people think Deathstroke is too powerful in the game. I should have said a copy (in terms of moves).

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I could see Deadshot having a suicide attack similar to Yoshimitsu's from Tekken.

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@banestrokelobogrundybatarrow: My issue with him being in Injustice is that the primary thing in fighting games is melee attacks, which Deadshot doesn't do. or at least melee weapons for characters that aren't the most powerful fighters like Catwomen's and Raven's claws and even Harley Quinn pistol whips you. Deadshot would primarily use the wrist pistol's so he can't even do that. I do think he would be cool for a star labs mission where he shoots at you and you need to reach him before he gets rid of all your health.

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Deadshot is already in the Styker's Island stage. I am fine with that. I rather see some characters who are not yet in the game as playable or none playable in the game. Deadshot would be a neat character to play as and he could be representing the Suicide Squad for the game since the Harley is more of a BTAS version of the character in my opinion.