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I'm kinda worried that the deadpool hype will die out soon. Recently, his appearences in media have not been well recieved by the audience (Deadpool game, Deadpool's appearance on Ultimate Spider-man) and I feel as if the media is noticing. My fear is that the negative reviews on Deadpool's portrayal in tv/games will prevent Marvel to even let him feature on-screen anymore. I don't know, this may just be me feeling skeptical. What do you guys think?

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I don't think so. The Deadpool game received mediocre to positive reviews. Meaning it was generally an okay game, not a bad one.

As for the appearance on Ultimate Spider-man, the episode isn't even out yet. The only ones who are complaining about it are the people who already hate the show, fans on the Deadpool Bugle are actually excited for his appearance on the show.