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What is your favorite version of a DC character that's not from the comics? Mine are:

Batman: DCAU

Superman: DCAU

The Flash: DCAU

The Joker: Tie DCAU and Nolanverse

Dick Grayson: Young Justice

The Riddler: 1966 Batman TV show

Catwoman: Batman Returns

Darkseid: DCAU

LOL most of mine are the DCAU versions but I'm curious to see everyone else's picks.

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Harley Quinn - DCAU of course!

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Harley Batman: TAS

Wonder Woman
Martian Manhunter - JL & JLU

Catwoman - The Arkham Games
Poison Ivy

Superman - Man of Steel, Smallville, Lois & Clark

There are just so many so I'm gonna stop.

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Deadshot from Arrow. Post losing the eye

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Static- DCAU

Superman- Man of Steel, Superman vs. The Elite

Batman- Arkham Games

Wonder Woman- DCAU, Animated Film

Flash- Flashpoint Movie (Barry), DCAU (Wally)

John Stewart- DCAU

Aquaman- Batman TBATB, Injustice

Cyborg- Teen Titans cartoon, Injustice

Joker- TDK, Arkham Games, DCAU

Martian Manhunter- DCAU, Young Justice

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Batman from Batman TAS

Superman from Superman TAS

Aquaman from Superman TAS

Wonder Woman from JL

Hal Jordan from GL TAS

Booster Gold from Batman BATB

Darkseid from Superman TAS

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Aquaman from Batman: The Brave and the Bold


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Everyone from the DCAU and Jordan and Kilowog from GLTAS and TT from TT.

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  • Batman - BTAS
  • Joker - BTAS
  • Riddler - BTAS
  • Ra's - BTAS
  • Talia - BTAS
  • Mr Freeze - Definitely BTAS (better than comic book version too)
  • Poison Ivy - Definitely BTAS (better than comic book version too)
  • Catwoman - Batman Returns
  • Penguin - Batman Returns
  • Bane - DKR (I'm not a fan of Bane in general, but DKR version was more memorable IMO)
  • Superman - Early Smallville
  • Lex - Probably shouldn't, but I'm going with Smallville again, the guy just had masses of charisma and personality.
  • Zod - Not keen on any portrayal, I'm going with Superman II simply because the guy had class
  • Green Arrow - Hmmm, probably Arrow tbh, he didn't play that big a part in the DCAU
  • Dark Archer - Definitely Arrow :)
  • Wonder Woman - Justice League/Unlimited
  • Flash - Justice League/Unlimited
  • Green Lantern - Justice League/Unlimited
  • Martian Manhunter - Justice League/Unlimited
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Starfire - Teen Titans Go

Superboy - Young Justice

Aqualad - Young Justice

Superman - Robot Chicken (Am I allowed to say this? LOL)

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  • Batman from the Arkham Games
  • Catwoman from TDKR and Arkham Games
  • Wonder Woman in Young Justice and JL
  • Superman in Man of Steel and animated All-star Superman
  • The Flash from JL: Doom
  • Aquaman from Batman: The Brave and Bold
  • Green Arrow from JLU, Young Justice and Batman: The Brave and The Bold
  • Black Canary same as Green Arrow
  • The Question in JLU
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Batman JLAS

Wonder Woman JLAS

Dick Grayson (season 2 YJ)

Flash (Barry Allen) (Arrow)

Superman (Public Enemies)

Green Arrow (JLUAS)

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (JL New Frontier)

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Pretty much all of the DCAU

Batman-Arkham games

Green Arrow- Arrow

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Green Arrow -JLU

Batman - Arkhamverse

Riddler - '66 (I probably wouldn't like the Riddler at all if it wasn't for Gorshin)

Joker - Dark Knight

Two-Face - Animated series

Superman - JLU

Deathstroke - Arkhamverse ('cept for getting destroyed by Bats....total bs)

Stephanie Brown - Arkhamverse HA! Get it?! ...I hate Steph

Tim Drake - I don't care, I love Tim no matter what

Dick Grayson - Animated series

The Question - JLU

Roy Harper - YJ

Bronze Tiger - Arrow

Ted Kord - BTBATB

Count Vertigo - Arrow

Black Canary - YJ


Deadman - BTBATB

Firestorm - BTBATB

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If a character appeared in Young Justice, that interpretation is likely my favorite (with a few small exceptions; Zatanna, Riddler, Freeze). If not from Young Justice, go Arkham-verse. If not Arkham-verse, go DCAU.

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Batman: The Batman

Superman: Christopher Reeve, Smallville, and Man of Steel

The Flash: Young Justice

The Joker: The Batman

Dick Grayson: Young Justice(Nightwing) The Batman (Robin)

Darkseid: Superman/Batman Apocalypse

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Faora from Man of Steel

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Too long to list.

Faora from Man of Steel

Plus this right here.

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Cavill Superman

Terry McGinnis Batman

Nolan Batman

Hardy Bane

Daly Superman

Spectacular Spider-Man

Garfield Spider-Man

DeVito Penguin

Carrey Riddler

Cillian Murphy Scarecrow

Neeson Ras

Caine Alfred

Freeman Fox

Hiddleston Loki

Man of Steel Faora

McKellen Magneto/ Fassbender Magneto

OOOPS! Added Marvel, oh well, leaving it.

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I loved Batman/Superman: Apocalypse version of Supergirl. That animated movie got me into buying comics today.

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Superman- JL: Doom

Batman: Batman: Gotham Knight

Hal Jordan: GL: First FlightMartian Manhunter: Crisis on Two Earths

Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman

Cyborg: JL: Doom

Aquaman: Young Justice

Wally West: Teen Titans, JL, Young Justice

Flash Barry: Flashpoint

Supergirl: Superman/Batman Apocalypse

Grayson: Young Justice

Capt. Atom: Superman/Batman public enemies

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Slade- Teen Titans (original not that new crap)

Slade- Young Justice

Slade- Arrow

Green Arrow- Arrow

Malcolm Merlyn- Arrow

The Joker- Young Justice (lol jk hahahahaha)

Anyone from DCAU, BTAS, and those types of series.

All the main antagonists for the Nolan Trilogy plus Scarecrow.

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All of the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel.

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@deathstroke19: I was furious when it took the place of YJ too, but then it turned out hilarious... On the other hand I would most definitely want YJ back with the cost of letting TTG go. However that's not what DC plans to do, so, what can I do? :/

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@hastalavista: I was talking more about the original Teen Titans but YJ was still way better then that new teen titans crap.

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A large majority of the DCAU characters, plus Young Justice and GL TAS

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@deathstroke19: I see. I only watched the first season of the original Teen Titans.

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Nightwing (DCAU): His appearance in the animated show was the reason why I started picking up comic books.

Static (DCAU): This show was awesome and I loved watching him grow as a hero. His first meeting with John Stewart is probably my favorite episode from that series.

Terry McGinnis (DCAU): I like this guy almost as much as I like Bruce.

Batman (DCAU): He was so OP in JL/JLU that it was hard not to root for him.

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@hastalavista: I'm just surpirised you have only seen the first season. Usually watching the first season would hook ya.

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@deathstroke19: That's because I am watching it and just finished the first season, LOL

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Superman - Christopher Reeve

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I'm going to add Slade from Arrow as my favorite non comic version of him.

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Jason Todd/Robin/Red Hood (If Mark Hamil and Kevin Conroy have made iconic voices, than Jensen Ackles has done the same for this character)
Flash (Justice League...Michael Rosenbaum did a great job bringing Flash to life)
Superman - Smallville (Tom Welling) Louis & Clark (Dean Cain)