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Posted by darkman61288 (856 posts) 1 year, 6 months ago

Poll: Would you read a Batman/Wonder Woman teamup book? (119 votes)

Yes 38%
No 61%

With SM/WW now out and BM/SM also out, will there or should there be a Batman/ Wonder Woman title? Me, I would love one. I would like to see them fighting crime together. The book would show us different sides of the characters that we haven't really seen yet. Batman fighting the supernatural and Wonder Woman being a detective. I would also like to see some sexual tension between them and hopefully a romance. Well what do you think?

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@theacidskull: i founds some more of this garbage on the internet online and now im sick to my stomach

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Who should write BM/WW?

Greg Rucka!!! The book would be so good, people would see how bland SMww 1 was

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Lets make a batbaby?

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Hell yeah I would read it.