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Or is this it? I'm new to comics so I'm just curious if my dreams of new titles are pointless. Will DC make more or are they content to just stay with the current line up?

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@sog7dc: Publishers will never be content with sticking with the content they currently have. Titles will always be canceled with new ones taking there place. Heck a new DC title starts in 2 days with Justice League 3000. That being said DC has canceled quite a few titles lately and fallen below there promise of 52 current ongoings. Its probably because they are planning a huge launch of new books sometime in early-mid 2014. I imagine we'll see things like the long rumored Shazam ongoing and a Question title. We are also getting Batman Eternal early next year.

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Hopefully they will, they are supposed to have 52 after all.

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@noj: I hope you're right. I'd love more titles.

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I expect at least 4-7 new titles to start in March/April

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They will continue to do if various comics get cancelled but if they replace the cancelled tittles. The next year, the book of DC will have is going to about Justice League tittles, Batman, Superman and main leaguers members.

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