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waiting for your opinions

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My opinion :
1. Lady Sheva / Black canary
2.Huntress / Cheshire
3.Bat girl

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Either Cassandra Cain or Lady Shiva, maybe Wonder Woman

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so many 
but either cassandra cain, lady shiva, wonder woman or big barda
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Wonder Woman.

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Katana has beaten just about every other non-powered woman in the DC universe

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Lady Shiva, Black Canary, or Scandal Savage.
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Either Knockout or Ravager or Misfit.
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Wonder Woman
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lady shiva or cassandra cain.

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@Hawk: best pic of wonder woman
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Wonder Woman takes it for best overall

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Wonder woman 

Black Canary

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Cassandra Cain.  (for non powered)

Wonder Woman. (for Powered)
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Lady Shiva in just fighting skills but Wonder Woman in power.

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Cass Cain and Lady Shiva if we're talking non-powered. Chesire had to poison Shiva before she could even think of laying a finger on her.
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wonder woman 
big  barda 

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just wanted a Lady Shiva pic here
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Batman has stated that it is Wonder Woman before.  
Just throwing that out there :)
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@Caligula: totally agree. i say cassandra cain or lady shiva for the ones without powers. for those with, it's undeniably wonder woman!
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she beat lady shive, she could easily destroy WW, barda and ravager wouldn;t even be able to lay a  finger on her

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Wonder Woman.
There is no other.
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Wonder Woman

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Artemis, now that's a good one.  




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If you only count with technique I say Lady Shiva, if you count with Power, maybe Kara, if you need Power and Technique all together you have Diana!!  




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are you kidding me? Wonder Woman is the best fighter.. she is an Amazon!

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Karate Kid or Bats one million

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WonderWoman and Lady Shivva

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I always though Lady Shiva was top dog h2h female fighter in DCU....I guess a strong arguement can be made for Wonder Woman too though

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  1. shiva/big barda
  2. black canary/wonder woman
  3. catwoman/ huntress
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Wonder Woman takes first but only because of raw power and speed. Other wise it would go to Black Canary

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Lady Shiva.

Would like to give an honorable mention to Judomaster II though. Her superpower is she literally CAN NOT be hit by anyone trying to hit her. So as far as the powered female fighters go, she's high on the list.

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Cassandra cain

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WW is is the best train of all if them even without her powers she will beat the other female characters.

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Zealot is in dc now right, I think She might be a top fighter.

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WW no question about it.

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Seconded for WW, but among the mortal characters, why is no one bringing up Kate Kane's Batwoman? Top of her class at West Point, defeated Barbara Gordon in less than a full page, impressed Batman enough (after he watched her decimate a series of attackers he rigged up for her) that he personally invited her into the Bat Family. Check out her Batwoman #0 - Interlude issue to see just how tough as nails she is.

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Lady Shiva and WW

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Did people actually say Huntress O_o

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Wonder Woman, because she is the one Batman runs to when he needs a fighter.

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Either Cassandra Cain or Lady Shiva, maybe Wonder Woman

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Lady Shiva

Cassandra Cain

Black Canary


Talia Al Ghul