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Since THOR is Marvel Comics, primary jobber. Who is DC comics jobber?

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It used to be Martian Manhunter. One of the strongest guys in the DCU yet always seemed to job out.

Now though? I'm not exactly sure.

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Batman obv

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Livewire is the biggest jobber DC has.

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No comprende.

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A jobber is a character just put in to get beat on and make other characters look good.

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@hyiena: Sorry, I was just messing with you. Ummm, DC's biggest jobber? Might agree with Martian Manhunter. For someone of his powerset he should never lose. But, making a character that powerful is pointless IMO.

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Depends on the book. But:

Superman tends to job every single first encounter he has so we can see him rise above it, and ofc just to see how assbad the bad guy is. When beating on him isn't cool, it's the Manhunter. Both in JL settings ofc.

Elsewhere... Well I would say Raven jobs quite hard as well, considering she has on several occasions ended fights just by pulling herself together, it's quite predictable to see her amongst the first to get knocked out whenever a fight breaks out (Hendersons TT was especially bad at this).

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Killer Croc. No contest.

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It depends everyone has their jobber moments. It's happened to Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter and when you think about it that should never happen much like Thor but this is in the powerhouse range also since the start of Marvel Now Thor isn't very much a jobber anymore plus even Hulk went into a jobbing area because of Aaron but he's now back on track.

Scarecrow, Parasite, Metallo, Killer Croc, Clayface, Riddler had all become consistent jobbers but that seems to be changing for some of them which is good.

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Trigon. He's a multi/universe level threat and reality warper, but gets beat by the Teen Titans for plot purposes.

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Martian Manhunter

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Killer Croc. No contest.

This man speaks truth

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I think Al Pratt the Atom from Earth 2 is a jobber.

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This guy:(

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for Pre 52 Martian Manhunter for new 52 Hal Jordan (not the self titled series)

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What about Darkseid?