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When I read Geoff John's Flash, I didn't like Barry at all. Previously I only read him in Crisis on Infinite Earths. I was confused why people loved this Flash so much and could even argue him being better than Wally. I trusted Johns would have written him at his best, because I was such a fan of his. I liked his Wally far better. I, especially, loved Mark Waid's run on the Flash with Wally and Grant Morrison's JLA. However, I just read the Trial of the Flash and that may have changed my opinion. Now I'm a Barry fan! It's really the only old Flash I've read and it was enough to make him one of my favorite superheroes. I really enjoy how he's been written in the New 52 as well.

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@redleader1: No, Stan Lee was pretty clear that Justice League led to the creation of the Fantastic Four

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I like Jay the best, but the Barry is the greatest.

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@wishiwassuperman: I think he meant they were inspired by the jsa

I asked him this question at a London Comic Con in 2012. He told me that the success of the Justice League led to him inventing the FF as a result of that popularity.

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old is gold but modern is platinum.


no doubt about it. cooooooooooooool.

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Barry Allen for me. It feels like I can relate to him unlike the others.

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Wally followed by Barry

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And you know that you're singing the song in your head right now.

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I love them both equally. I can read stories with either one as the defacto Flash. So that means all the more wonderful stories for me to choose from.

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max mercury

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Still Barry

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Barry! He's such a great guy that sometimes I want to cry.

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wally west.

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Both. That's all.

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I believe Wally West is the best flash.

Barry Allen may have started the silver age, but no flash is as fast as West. None of the other flash's have made close relationships with the reformed rogues.

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Wally West. Though I actually found someone who didn't even know who Jay Garrick was. For that reason alone I hope that people will at least acknowledge him as being the best.

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Wally West is my favorite Flash.

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Barry Allen, by far!! He's my 3rd favorite comic book character... I don't hate Wally, but I hate what the writers did with him. The Infinite Mass Punch is one of the reason why I dislike Wally. Flash is supposed to be the fastest man alive, right? Everybody knows that, but then, they also made him the strongest man alive?? That sucked, they almost ruined the character for me... It also raised a question: why doesn't he always do that to the more powerful villains? I believe there is only one comic where he does it... Second thing why I dislike Wally is the "speed steal" thing. At first, it was kinda cool, but then it just went out of control when he could turn people into statues. It didn't make any sense, again, why doesn't he always do that to all his villains??? At this point, Wally just became such a broken character that I didn't like him. The New 52 Flash is awesome, and not only because it's Barry, but so far, they have managed to keep the character in balance. He's still VERY powerful, but not a god.

I totally agree with you............Overpowering wally with the IMP sucks and Barry is kindaff a unique speedster[most speedsters are portrayed as impulsive and less-intelligent] But Barry is so awesome

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Barry Allen


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All Flashes rule!

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I like Barry Allen the best, even though I also enjoyed Wally West.

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i think i know what geoff johns did here he relized no matter how gpod his run on on the flash was (being barry and all) that are favorite flash was still going to be wally so him being the ceo and alll he did what any fanboy would do he erased wally so alot of pople would start liking barry! well to this i say to him...SMART. but in the end i say F*CK HIM

p.s to harsh?

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Barry Allen and Wally West are like Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, respectively. One created a legacy, the other perfected it. Not to mention I grew up with Tim as Robin and Wally as Flash. But Barry and Dick are very close to my heart as well. So yeah, Wally.

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Barry is the more interesting single hero. Wally might squeak out being better as a team flash but Barry still comes out on top.

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one can relate more to wally then one can to barry i mean how many people work in a crime lab

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@lifeofvibe: How many people can run past the Big Bang?

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Barry Allen, the perfect superhero; charismatic, intelligent, humble and yet cocky at the same time.

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Wally West for sure. Barry is great (especially in the N52), but I'm still sour that Wally has been treated so poorly (even pre-52, it started when Barry was resurrected).

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Wally and Barry are the best

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