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Poll: What would a good DC team up book be? (76 votes)

Batman/Wonder woman 16%
Green Lantern/Flash 34%
Green Lantern/Green Arrow 16%
Plastic Man/Elongated Man (won't be far in to the series until there is major twist) 0%
Martian Manhunter/Green Lantern 11%
Green Arrow/ Black Canary 14%
Justice League+JLA (like A+X from Marvel) or something along those lines 3%
Justice League/Justice Society 3%
any Justice League/Justice League/JLA/Justice Society book 4%
a team up book with different creative teams every 1 to 4 issues (story arcs) (villain team ups included) 9%
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Trintiy 20%
Different lantern corps teaming up (which ones) 7%
Aquaman/????? 12%
new earth and earth 2 3%
some thing else (comment below) 21%

After a new Superman/Wonder Woman book being announced what other teams would like to see

and who should be the creative team and what kind of stories should they have (E.G. stories like hawkeye or serious and dark stories)

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Batman and Zatanna.

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Roy Harper/Arsenal and Cheshire

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Harley Quinn and someone else -- maybe Nightwing or Red Hood, in order to tie her more closely into the Bat-family where she would shine best.

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i put GL/flash but now that i think about it i want aquaman/batman

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Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Flash (Barry Allen).

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Batwoman and Wonder Woman.

Harley and Ivy would also be fun to see again.

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Two-face and Black mask.

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Martian Manhunter teams up with Piccolo.

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Aquaman and Hal Jordan

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While I doubt it exists in the new 52, I'd like to see the friendship between Aquaman and Martian Manhunter explored.

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Static and Blue Beetle (Jaime)

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Nightwing and the Outsiders.

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MM and GL. Mostly due to there being no ongoing solo book with J'onn J'onnz

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Wonder woman/ wonder girl or wonder woman / aquaman against gods

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I would love to see Green Arrow/Green Lantern,Flash/Green Lantern or a Green Arrow/Black Canary.

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Batwoman and Wonder Woman

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Hawkman & Green Arrow

Guy Gardner & Booster Gold

Black Canary & Big Barda

Supergirl & Vibe

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Batgirl and Supergirl would be a cool team up.

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Shazam and Cyborg

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Cyborg and Steel

Talia Al Ghul and Rose Wilson

Huntress and Roy Harper

Hawkgirl and Dove( Dawn Granger)

Hawkman and Hawk( Hank Hall)

Lois Lane and Vicki Vale

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star fire superman

batman and raven

green lantern and whatever

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Green Arrow and Flash(West)

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Black manta/cheetah

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First of All there has already been a Green Lantern/Green Arrow team up...They made a comic book series for God's sakes...@scouts1998 2nd...I think a good team up would be Red Robin and Speedy Why? cause it would be cool to see 2 rivals putting their diffferences aside and working together. - comicdude123

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i think that we should all agree that there are many options

I believe that DC have the best comic book friendship (Batman/Superman).

@comicdude123 doesn't mean they can't do another one, they already have done a Batman/Superman.

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I read a Batman story where he teamed up with Green Arrow when I was a kid, which introduced me to GA for the first time. I'd personally like to see that again, even if it is just a monthly mini-series. And since Ollie and Hal Jordan are friends, it can't hurt to see a Green Team-Up, right? Also, let's make a team out of characters who don't make much appearance lately like Catman and Ragman in a noir-ish setting with occasional Question guest-starring.

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Green Lantern/Martian Manhunter would be cool

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If they brought Ted Kord back from the dead, then I vote the Blue and Gold.

Otherwise, Green Lantern/Flash

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green lantern/green arrow

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Blue Beetle(Reyes) and Booster Gold

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Aquaman/Hawkman or Aquaman/Martian Manhunter

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Trinity. I'd happily ditch Superman/Batman and Superman/Wonder Woman just to focus on the dynamic of the Trinity as I feel as a unity their personalities really play off one another in a way that's more compelling than just a double act.

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I think Mera and Wonder Woman could be fun. Both are exceptionally strong women in a world they don't fully understand.

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Batman and Wonder Woman.

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Jason Todd and Harley/Ivy (I practically consider them a team)

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Harley & Ivy, Harley and Bat family member, Green Arrow & Canary, Hal & Barry, a team-up book of Flash's Rogues. All of these I would love to see

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1.Animal man and Vixen

2.Black Canary and Zatanna

3.Wonder Woman and Mera

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Bring back DC Comics Presents but have it staring Booster Gold instead of Superman. He could team up with a different hero every month.

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@jonny_anonymous said:


Me likey this one!!!

Yea, I think they would have a cool dynamic along the same lines as Batman/Superman except Aquaman being the stoic straight man and Hawkman being the angry hot head as well as having the whole sky and sea thing to counter Bats/Supes light and dark

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The New Teen Titans roster from the Wolfman/Perez era back together

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I remember Justice League Unlimited had a couple sort of twisted double-date episodes with the Green Arrow/Black Canary and Question/Huntress couples. Not only did each pair of a great dynamic but the pairs had great dynamics with each other. I'm not sure how you'd sell that as I comic, but I loved it and would very much like to see more of it.