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So with the new 52 ive noticed that there's "0" and "Annual #1" numbered issues. Im confused by this issues as far as the order they fall in into their series. For example, I though #0 took place before number 1 issue, but I found out that it was released way after the first issue, so maybe is a "prequel" or something? IDK? What about the annual issues? Any light into my confusion is greatly appreciated.

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At the time of Zero month, the issues were meant to be prologues to upcoming stories, so check the cover dates to see where they fit in.

Not really sure about the annuals. They are usually stand alone stories.

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#0 issues are preludes that should be read after issue #12 for the original titles and somewhere after #4 or #5 for the series that started later. You may ask, why wouldn't I read them before issue 1? If you NEED continuity than you can try it but some of them might not make much sense if you havent read the regular series.

Annuals are a different story. I normally skip them because they are usually are just stand alone issues that dont have much to do with the ongoing story. Sometimes they end storylines in the Annual which is a pain because then you have to track them down. My LCBS doesnt usually carry them unless people specifically request them. On rare occasions a company will create a long cross-over event that only takes place in the Annuals. The X-Titles did that once where everyone was hunting Cable and X-Force so it hopped from book to book as each X-Team squared off against them leading into the release of X-Force issue #1. If done well it is neat but normally... yeah, you can skip them.

This year I am only getting Earth 2 Annual because they are introducing Earth 2's new Batman. Other than that I am skipping them all. (It's gonna be Bain, I'm calling it now.)

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When I get a #0 I usually just label is as a 12.5 on my computer since like the dude above me stated, they are read after 12.

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OK, cool thanks guys.