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The new 52 just hit its 2yr aniv. So i was wondering what viners believe have been their fav runs of it so far here are my top 5:

1. Scott snyders Batman, what can i say court of owls was amazing death of the family was pretty good an zero year has been great so far imo. It also doesnt hurt that greg capullos art has been amazing

2. Geoff johns Aquaman, this almost beat out Batman (never thought id say aquaman almost beat batman) this imo has been geoff johns best comics in years story an art has been amazing. Sad to see him go :(

3. Jeff lemire Green Arrow, this is somewhat a new run but its quickly becoming my fav DC book. The stories have been great an Andrea Sorrentino has now proved to me that he is the BEST artist in comic books atm

4. Blackmon/williams batwoman, after i read Ruckas & Williams batwoman story in detective comics i was aching for a batwoman ongoing. An thus williams has done it again with this outstanding run. The stories an art has been amazing. RIP their run

5. Jeff lemires animal man, this series has been the biggest surprise to me even though ive been thinking they could always have a better artist the story has been so amazing idc. I hope his animal man last for a long time

If i were to add a 6th itd be:

6. Scott snyders Swamp thing, WOW was this book great they only problem with it was that it didnt last long enough Snyders amazing writing with Yanicks beautiful artwork was stellar

Those are my fav runs of the new52 what are yours?

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Kyle Higgan's Nightwing

Grant Morrison's Action Comics

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@allstarsuperman: i have been enjoying WW alot but i dont think itd be my top 5

@lifeofvibe: ive been loving higgans nightwing an it keeps getting better, an i thought morrisons action comics couldve been better

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@queencorp15: you switched who you meant to talk to. yes nightwing 1-9 and 19-current are very very good, and i loved action comics Superdoom was awesome, 5th dimension was awesome, and i loved how everthing was connected at the end.

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@allstarsuperman: yea since nightwing has come to chicago the series an higgans writing keep getting better

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Scott Snyder Batman and Geoff Johns Aquaman.

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I feel Snyder's Batman is really overrated, that could be because I despise that there has to be a an epic crossover event ever 3 months.

Best runs in my opinion are Azzarello's Wonder Woman and Mieville's Dial H.

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@br_havoc: dial h was good an im sad to see it go

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@queencorp15: Yeah was sad to see it go. At least Mieville got to give his characters a good ending and it was some what happy, I am so sick of doom and gloom so it was nice to see a smart, well written series that was fun.

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Wow I totally agree with your top 5! Well done

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Lemire's Animal Man

Snyder's Swamp Thing

Johns' Aquaman

Lemire's Green Arrow

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John's Aquaman

Lemire's Green Arrow

Azzarello's Wonder Woman

Snyder's Batman

Snyder's/Soule's Swamp Thing (I think both are great)

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I like Syder's batman a lot, especially the first two arcs.

Jeff Lemire's Green Arrow is fantastic, totally gave new life to the character.

I am kind of liking the first issue of JLA (still haven't read trinity war, though)

I liked John's take on the new 52 GL, of course there was not much reboot there, but still.

I have liked all of Justice League so far.

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Lemire's Animal Man and Justice League Dark

Morrison's Batman Inc

Azarrello's Wonder Woman

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Snyder's Batman

John's Aquaman

Azarrello's Wonder Woman

Morrison's Action Comics

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Batman Incorporated

Wonder Woman

Action Comics (Morrison)


Green Arrow (Lemire) moving up my list very quickly Sorrentino is an incredible artist, he needs to be the next artist on Batman.

Detective Comics (Layman) when not forced to tie into anything else it is a very good read. Jason Fabok has a great future at DC love his art.

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@tec79: @tec79: Batman and aquaman for sure

I agree with Detective comics, The arc with Wraith has been great and i love the art. Very underrrated book if you ask me

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Aquaman (Jeff Parker has big shoes to fill)

Action Comics (by Morrison of course)

Batman (by Snyder)

Phantom Stranger (consistently good since the beginning)

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damn no Flash love?




Green Arrow

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Batman especially the Court of the owls story, Animalman, and Lemire's GREEN ARROW.

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Yeah where's the flash love?

Flash and Batman have been excellent.

Geoff johns green lantern finale issue was most excellent.

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Snyder Batman

GM Batman inc

The last run of Deathstroke were fantastic.

Kyle Higgins Nightwing in Chicago

Jeph Leob Redhood and the outlaws.

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I have been liking flash art is good an writins also been good

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Phantom Stranger (consistently good since the beginning)

The heaven/hell arc was fantastic, and really draining to read emotionally! Great pick!

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Lemire's Green Arrow

Batman and ...