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Not that kind of question. So don't come thinking this is a battle tread.

I just want to know between THOR and Captain Marvel aka shazzam!!!:

who is more popular all time?


Who is more popular in present time?

Do you think there will be a captain marvel movie before a wonderman movie? or in general do you think there will be a captain marvel movie?

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All time I couldnt really tell you since I hadnt heard about either until a few years back, now though id definetly say Thor is more popular due to the movies.

I dont think there is gonna be a Captain Marvel movie anytime soon, there's so many other potential DC Comics movies that could be done. I wouldnt be suprised if it came out before Wonder Woman though, due to the fact it would have a male lead, and thats apparantly important.

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Cap movie? With time it will happen. I just worry they will make it a kids movie because the main character is so young.

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Captain Marvel before the late 70"s, I'd say all Thor beyond! There was a rumored Shazam movie which had the Rock tied to playing the role of Shazam/Captain Marvel, then they said Black Adam. Now I hear nothings going on!

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I think Thor's current popularity surpasses Cap's at his highest point. Not sure about a movie

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@peppeyhare: actually at his highest point captain Marvel outsold Superman. Gotta remember he's been around since the 40's. It's why DC sued and got him discontinued till they bought out the company that created him. Thor has never been more popular than Superman.

I'd say at the moment Thor is definitely more well known among general people, not sure if he's more popular though since Captain Marvel doesn't have a solo series or anything, but A LOT of CB fans want one and a movie. Overall it's a hard comparison to make really since one has been pretty much given a continuous run for the last 40 odd years, while the other hasn't. One has been thrust into mainstream media to increase his popularity and recognition, and the other hasn't.

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If they go by new 52 itll be the billy that is a recluse and is arrogant and a little bit older around 15 and unsure of his powers and himself

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Thor pwns considering how dc threats Captain Marvel. But when he was created he was surely more popular.