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lol Tony, with all the comics, lego sets and toys you buy, your kids must love your job :)

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@g_man: O_O WTF you get arcade games too!? no one man should have a job this good

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i wouldn't be able to handle having any of them i didn't want. To me its one thing to take this kind of gamble with currencies i didn't actually have to pay for, but not with my actual munnies. So unless i was in love with an overwhelming amount of the collection, i would rather just buy the one i want directly from someone.

it was awesome and nerve wracking to watch though. lol be careful what you wish for... or you might get TWO!!

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Good stuff. Reminds me of buying rack-packs of baseball cards back in the day, looking for those exclusive rookie cards.

Why do some of the figures not have facial expressions?

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@g_man Buy a whole case, that way you have all of them.

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@thereddyhoodie: 24 to a case and $4.95 each. There's only 11 figures in this wave.

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@g_man: Bizarro: G-Man, only do not care about me so much, he got two of me! (Oh my god, that is such a terrible way of doing Bizarro speak, lol.) Anways, GIMME WONDER WOMAN AND BIZARRO! jk I really like these figures but the only thing that's driving me away is the chance of doubles. :-(

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These are real awesome and kinda an impulse buy for me lol. I got one last time I was at Gamestop (Joker) and one when I picked up my comics today (Deadman). They are cheap enough that I dont mind picking them up every so often unlike some figures (Im looking at you Doctor Who Titan Vinyl figures) and I REALLY want that Gold Superman!

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I think I'll have to break down and buy some. And i yelled "wait, no!" when you stopped the video when you got Bizarro the first time. Hahahaha!

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@iceslick: Bizarro: Yes me will give them to you.*

*Think about it.

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Cool video.

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@g_man: Iol, nice one Tony. I got it.

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Got two yesterday new box. Picked from center and got golden Superman and Batman.

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@g_man: Working at a gamestop is dangerous for my wallet, I broke down and bout 2 and convinced my coworkers to join in the fun

We love blind boxes because of the anticipation and it's a blast negotiating and trading

I wanted Black Manta the most an Wonder Woman

First box.... BLACK MANTA! My co workers didn't understand my hype for that unknown character to them :I

2nd box Joker! Argh wanted to trade but they only had Deadman

My assistant manager just gave me her's cause she was joinin in for fun, yay for Maxwell GL

Buy more @g_man!

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it cost about $10 in here so its hard to buy and might get a duplicate character :(

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Im JEL of the Joker figure.....

I would want the black manta...

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Bought two boxes and got two Deadmans. Argh.

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I got doubles of Maxwell, Bizarro, Vampire Batman & Joker. I'd love to trade one for a Deadman.