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DC needs to bring the WildC.A.T.s into the DCU as a team. I wish Jim Lee had the time to come back to this book. Although I would love to see a decent team run too. What do you think? Should DC have a WildC.A.T.s book again?

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1. That's a really misleading thread title you've got going on there.

2. They should, if only so that all those Wildstorm characters aren't going to waste.

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@gljedi: The WildC.A.T.S. are spread in several comics.

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1. LOL that was the point. :)

2. No kidding. Both Grifter and StormWatch are awful. Waste of good characters.


Yeah I know. They are kind of scattered but I really want them to be a team again. The original team again. (Spartan, Void, Grifter, Zealot, Voodoo, Warblade, Maul, etc.)

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I don't think DC is doing anything with any of the Wildstorm characters right now outside of Stormwatch...which is really sad since one of the reasons of the New 52 was to bring the universes together

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Yes and maybe they've pretty much introduced everyone already

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Voodoo was the only Wildstorm character with a good book. Zealot was butchered sadly.

Id love for the two universes to intergrate more. Maybe Voodoo being used as a JL threat. OTPing here with Cyborg as a love intrest

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With the disappointment that is Storm Watch is definitely not. I was excited to see the book be apart of the New 52 from the start and sas sure wild C.A.T.S would follow, their creator is co-publisher but it probably has been for the best.

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@gljedi: Grifter? That turd got cancelled a while ago now, it's all Stormwatch.

Unfortunately we won't be seeing WildCATS in the form that you like, especially with Warblade being turned evil because Lobdell wasted dozens of characters in that godawful Culling (either by changing them entirely, turning a bunch of them evil and by just killing some), and I'm sure that there's a couple of other heroes from Wildstorm that were just turned evil because... reasons.

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@baron_bj Yeah it's unfortunate that they butchered the characters. Guess they were afraid people might actually enjoy those characters more than some of the main DC ones. Oh well.

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I wish they would bring back Stormwatch the way it was. After they killed off the team and brought in a new team it got terrible. I read the first issue of the new team, and then dropped it. DC took a perfectly good book and ruined it.