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Good evening Viners ! I write here today to say one thing and one thing only : Could someone explain me this picture ? I read on the site that the New 52 reboot is based on the fact that three worlds became one. What about Pandora and the others two (Phantom Stranger and Question) ?

(Sorry about the drawing quality)

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@russcovito: Green guy is Swamp Thing. The ones on the left are indeed from Pre-52, and the five are from the New 52. The characters on the top right are also from the New 52, while on the top left there's the Vertigo and Wildstorm universes.

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Vertigo ? Wildstorm ? What about these ? I'm gonna wiki a bit about 'em, thanks a lot Icarusflies ! So the New 52 Reboot is indeed a fusion of the Pre-52 Wildstorm and Vertigo world ? Also what about Pandora's role in all of this ?

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@russcovito: Vertigo is an offshoot branch of DC. It generally has darker characters and is meant for a more adult audience. The fusion was not complete...only a few characters were bumped to the New 52. Wildstorm was creator owned for a while, then merged with DC. I don't know quite as much about it.

The reboot is a fusion + an erasure of history pretty much. Pandora is still quite mysterious, we don't know why she fused the worlds.