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Here's a list from an Excel sheet I'm maintaining of the sales figures for each series in the New 52, for those who want to see how their favorite title is trending. The figures are taken from Diamond Comic Distributors (via Comichron), who keeps track of this sort of thing. In the following tables, assume the October issue is #24 unless otherwise noted. To make the chart easier to read, I put in the ranking for every fifth series.

Series in italics have already been cancelled and publish their final issues in January. Note that no issue of Superman Unchained came out in October; #4 was released November 6. September was Villains Month, so here are August numbers, the last month of regular sales.

Series (Issue)Oct. 2013 (#24)August 2013July 2013June 2013
1. Batman124,652128,230132,047142,088
Justice League98491103,936110,19494054
Superman/Wonder Woman (#1)94859
Batman/Superman (#4)829908733792558143,457
5. JL of America77305937778619271793
Detective Comics59310614486394965200
Green Lantern57109591766214571870
Batman and Robin52060557075780860601
Justice League Dark45401640416146524663
10. Batman: Dark Knight43382455844709648612
Action Comics39620426034486146475
15. Earth 2 (#16)38389408454202242916
Green Lantern Corps37312362294219445423
GL: New Guardians35417344734078842290
20. Catwoman35134242622473725611
Teen Titans34536317423306234710
Wonder Woman34308347473553935999
Red Lanterns30771296233523637312
Suicide Squad27762221662244722907
25. Red Hood and Outlaws27128288213053432416
Trinity of Sin: Pandora (#4)25708345633217035106
Green Arrow24620254492617226924
30. World's Finest (#16)22987241592514325815
Constantine (#7)22954251743066426417
Swamp Thing21724226952388525186
Animal Man20554216342297423862
Phantom Stranger (#12)19732269862063617241
35. Birds of Prey18382193642020920767
Talon (#11)18218194492029621755
Larfleeze (#4)18061219553022136638
All-Star Western14378152761537615788
40. Batwing11114115841206212437
JLA's Vibe (#8)10139111841224113706
Katana (#8)9392103861134612998
The Movement (#5)9110110951452418001
45. Green Team (#5)631884931122014328

Forever Evil (#2)112,944139,976
FE Arkham War52,004
FE Rogues Rebellion36,545
FE Argus32,146

Not counting the Forever Evil miniseries, the New 52 (or 45) sold 1,623,202 issues, a 9.89% drop from August and the weakest month of sales so far, partially due to having the fewest number of New 52 titles of any month, and partially due to continued steady readership decline. However, add in the Forever Evil books and the New 52 franchise is up 3.07% on August, and the missing issue of Superman Unchained is another 120,000 issues or so missing, so the New 45 is still quite stable.

The one new book this month, the Superman/Wonder Woman are dating so let's make some money off of it book, bowed at a respectable level. While that 95k figure is only about two-thirds of Batman/Superman's 143k or a third of Superman Unchained's 251,456 bowing month, that's still high enough that a stable retention of readers could keep Clark and Diana in the top five, and they're likely long term occupants of the top ten. Next month will be very interesting to see what sort of drop they get; the other two big debuts lately (B/S and SU) had drops of about a third their first month, but a higher debut also often means a sharper drop so I'm going to make a wild guess and say a 27% drop gives them 72k readers next month and fifth place.

While Justice League Dark and Phantom Stranger are sliding off their Trinity War bumps back to their usual hiding holes, a handful of other books saw spikes. Catwoman in particular climbed from 24,262 and 30th place to 35,134 and 20th place. Anyone familiar with what the draw to Selina was last month? Both she and the Suicide Squad shot past my Batwoman, who had one of the smaller drops this month. When November numbers come out in early December, we'll have an idea on what the creator chaos did to my Batwoman series' sales.

In the cancellation watch, the trio of The Movement, Stormwatch, and Batwing are an obvious trio to go next. But beyond them, grizzled old All-Star Western had a 900 issue drop, a steep loss at its sales levels, and the newer titles of Talon and Larfleeze are dropping too quickly into the danger zone (low teens) for comfort if you're a fan, especially Larfleeze and that 3k drop (15%). Talon and Larfleeze will still be around come next summer, but I don't know what their status will be by the end of 2014.

Lastly, Green Team LOL WTF. Last month's issue was already the worst seller in New 52 history, and this issue was more than 2,000 issues lower. Last month it was the first New 52 series outside the top 200 comic books industry wide. This month, it was number 305 and thus in the "additional selected series" section below the usual reported top 300. At its current pace, Green Team #8 will sell something like 3,000 issues, a quarter of the cancellation level and unprecedented territory for the New 52.

What happens next month? Will Superman Unchained hold up from its two month break? (I think so.) Will Supes and Wondy hold on to their audience well enough to stay in the Top Five? (Maybe.) Will I still be making fun of Green Team's sales? (Definitely.) See you December 9th!

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That's a pretty strong debut for Supes/WW. I personally didn't read the issue but I am a big fan of Charles Soule's work.

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@chisoxrox: Wow nice work! I love reading sales figures. See how the books I like are doing, you know.

#4 is released November 11

Question though. Can that be right? Today, Monday is the 11th and new comic book day is Wednesday.

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I was expecting Superman/WW to do better, still not bad.

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@pokeysteve said:

@chisoxrox: Wow nice work! I love reading sales figures. See how the books I like are doing, you know.

#4 is released November 11

Question though. Can that be right? Today, Monday is the 11th and new comic book day is Wednesday.

You're welcome; I have fun putting this together. Thanks for the catch, had today's date on the mind.

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@chisoxrox: wow im just shock as you are about catwoman boost where the hell did that come from the only thing i can think of is joker daughter was in it but everyone even me thought her villain month book suck

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I'm always impressed to see just how high Batman sales are and how consistently high they are. Almost every month since the reboot Batman has been the best seller apart from a couple of months where he has been beaten by a new title (such as Superman Unchained) for a couple of months. Really says something about how the popularity of the character is not going away. Being a Batman fan this is always nice to see.

Superman has been doing very poorly. DC should really think about taking Lobdell off as the writer. His crap stories are likely the primary reason fans are not reading Superman anymore.

Thank you for posting these. I always find it interesting to look at these stats.

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@theocitylegend: You're welcome! Superman/Action Comics' stagnation is a worrisome trend, with Man of Steel doing well and Superman Unchained ruling the top spot so far. I would be curious to see the numbers on a writer change.

In light of the current duds, here's the updated New 52 Bottom 10 issues list:

IssueSales dateSales
Green Team #5October 20136,318
Green Team #4August 20138,493
Threshold #8 (final issue)August 20138,725
GI Combat #8 (final)December 20128,941
The Movement #5October 20139,110
Blackhawks #8 (final)April 20129,149
Threshold #7July 20139,361
Katana #8October 20139,392
Blackhawks #7March 20129,602
Men of War #7March 20129,683

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I hate to see the Larfleeze drop... In DCs dark, gritty world, I look forward to the childish castration & fart jokes in my pull list every month. Shameless plug for Larfleeze!

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Wow you know batman has too much fanboys when the dark knight is above aquaman, nightwing & action comics...

Also i am surprised at the fact that superman is selling so good, i mean scott lobdel is doing a shit job at making it interesting, though i guess i am one of the people to blame for that >.>

AND EVEN MORE SURPRISED AT HOW LOW Green Arrow & Animal Man are, Jeff Lemire is killing it on those titles!!

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More people need to read Green Arrow, get to a nice comfortable 40,000.

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Green Arrow's sales are depressingly low for such an amazing book.

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@chisoxrox: Pak's new stint on Action Comics should revitilise sales for the series. And Unchained sold in the top 3 spots in the first 3 issues so the 4th one should sell well too.

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@chisoxrox: because catwoman is Awesome that's why. I'm going to do a respect thread on her current run once my scanner is back up. I will

Invite you to see it so you can see what's up. Second, aside from dc, how did walking dead beat everyone and get best seller over dc and marvel this month?

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@xwraith said:

Green Arrow's sales are depressingly low for such an amazing book.


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Wow, is Green Team that bad of a title?

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Wait, what... Catwoman? Azz, please, do something, the WW sales is becoming embarrassing.

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@fallschirmjager : @xwraith, @hanson724, Green Arrow's sales are rather lower than a long term series would want but note how small its drops tend to be. Green Arrow has kept the same ranking against the other DC titles due to its rate of decline being similar to the overall rate of reader loss, so it's not cratering the way a soon-to-be cancelled title is, and its drops are small enough that even without something big or some crossover bumping its sales, Green Arrow should last well into 2015 at least. So he's low, but I don't think he's in much danger.

My Batwoman is in a similar boat if she can avoid a steep readership drop from the writer/artist changes. :(

As for Catwoman, I'm thinking that bump is from the army of Bat book readers checking out the Joker's Daughter storyline, as a lingering bump from Villains Month where Poppa Clown was the top selling book.

@enigmalantern: I have no idea, but part of me wants to get the newest issue to see if there is anything innately repulsive about Green Team, or if the idea just didn't click. Something went wrong to drive off 78% of its audience in five issues. Its sister title of The Movement will likely be below 7000 next month as well; of 100 people who got either Movement or Green Team back at their May launches, only 27 are still reading the titles.

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Hmm Green Arrow is going down even with Jeff Lemire on board. What are the sales before june?

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Hmm I wonder why Supergirl has been losing readers I feel like the book has been improving month in month out. Maybe its the change in creative teams or due to Forever: Evil?

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@chisoxrox: Thanks as always for posting these! :)

Batwing, Talon, Animal Man, and Swamp Thing's spots piss me off.

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@tupiaz: Here's Green Arrow's sales over the past year

Nov. 201221,827
Dec. 201220,671
Jan. 201319,885
Feb. 2013 (change to Lemire)36,043
March 201328,080
April 201329,920
May 201327,541
June 201326,924
July 201326,172
August 201325,449
October 201324,620


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@chisoxrox: Hmmm hopefully the series will find is core readers soon.

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@chisoxrox: Hmmm that weird. I guess it didn't publish my comment.

I think the sales of Suicide Squad went up because Matt Kindt (the writer of both Harley's and Deadshot's Villains Month) took over as writer. I know I was tempted to buy because it had Steel, Harley, and Deadshot all on the same cover so maybe that went through peoples mind. I haven't read the Movement or the Green Team, but I think the reason sales are bad is due to both the books not really having anything to do with DC at. The Movement was an entirely new team and the Green Team was a team dug out of the archives that no one really cared about when they did originally appear. Despite my anger at DC for not giving us a Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, Atom, Zatanna, Doom Patrol, or any other ongoing for important or long time DC characters I do admire DC for doing this. They basically showed us they had the balls to try something new.

I hope for when the next wave on cancellation Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, Atom, Zatanna, and Doom Patrol all get their own ongoing. They all are classic DC characters/teams and Atom and Doom Patrol has yet to appear in the DCU.

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@crazyscarecrow: Ack, happened to me too.

The writer change would explain the Suicide Squad bump as people check out the new style. (I'm hopeful we see one for my Batwoman. That would take more of the sting off the creators getting bleeped over and losing a chance at the wedding.)

As for your list of new books, DC already has room for them if they're still trying to keep 52 ongoing series going. Right now, there's 45 titles, we're gaining two more next month (JL3000 and Harley) for 47 titles, and your list would make 52. I have no idea what's taking DC so long with such well known characters. Maybe they're considering JL Dark to be Zatanna's series, but then Constantine has his own series, so *shrug*

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@chisoxrox: Well this is weird. Looks like Comic Vine is messing up for you too.

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@chisoxrox: I'm hoping to see for the Flash as well. I heard Batwoman was a reallly great series and I was even going to try it out, but then that big controversy started up and kinda drove me away.

Captain Marvel would defiantly make sense seeing they just ended this huge arc with him in the pages of Justice League. I am wondering why they are waiting with him. They even hinted to Dr. Sivana and Mr. Mind being the key players in the Captain Marvel story. I have a feeling they are using JLA as Martian Manhunter's book because I know DC cancelled Hawkman for the reason of JLA being a Hawkman book. They need the Atom because we seen a Earth 3 Atom before we even seen a main one. I am hoping for that Atom to be Ray Palmer. I think they are considering the JLD Zatanna's book too though like you said Constantine has his own book as well. Maybe they gave John his own book due to Hellblazer being cancelled. They need Doom Patrol because they already introduced half of the original team so they might as well introduce the rest.

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@chisoxrox: I'm hoping to see for the Flash as well. I heard Batwoman was a reallly great series and I was even going to try it out, but then that big controversy started up and kinda drove me away.

If the new version of Batwoman is half as good as what Williams/Blackman were doing, it'll still be a series worthy of checking out. At the very least, there's the collected versions to check out.

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Even though JLD is down from Trinity War, it still ended with a significant bump from its pre-Trinity War sales. Glad to see Suicide Squad getting a nice 5K bump from Forever Evil and yet another creative team change. I hate that Animal Man is still slipping, that book is way too good. The Flash has just been eerily consistent, 38K and change since at least June.

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New figures come out Monday. In the meantime, here's the top ten industry wide:













































Monday we'll see if Superman/Wonder Woman edged out JL America to stay in the top five of DC ongoings (Forever Evil is a miniseries).

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Did they increase the price of Batman? Last month it was 6.99 IIRC.

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Wow, I had no clue Red Lanterns was doing that well. Cool beans.

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@chisoxrox: how in...gods name!? Is Harley Quinn that high up? Damn didn't know that many people were curious

p.s I'm one of them

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Batman: Dark Knight was selling so well I wonder why they axed it? Batwing was also selling less than Talon what is your logic DC?

I look foreword to seeing this months break down.