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Somehow the topic of Mary Marvel came up in conversation with a friend of mine and I have a question for all you Viners.

Since Captain Marvel has been renamed Shazam in the New 52, what will they call Mary Marvel?

Mary is in the continuity currently, so it's a good bet that she'll get powers eventually. But since Billy Batson's is no longer named Captain Marvel, what do you think they'll call Mary? Mary Shazam? Shazam Girl? Lady Shazam?


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She will be called Shezam :p

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Mary Shazam? It sounds kinda weird though.

Mazam. Marazam. Shamary.

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I think she (and Freddy) won't have any powers in the new 52.

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Same question with Freddie ,formerly Captain Marvel jr. Shazam Jr.? King Shazam? I think they won't be in superhero form to often so they'll just call each other by there names. The New 52 forms of the Shazam family is awesome despite the name confusion.

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lol shezam

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She'll probably still go by Mary Marvel. Freddy can go by Freddy Marvel. They shouldn't be limited to Shazam.

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Red Power Ranger Shazam Force

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I think they would be wise to just keep it Mary Marvel. The main reason Captain Marvel became Shazam was due to the fact that it is the most recognized facet of his character and what many people assumed was his name anyway. I remember when I first learned about Captain Marvel I was pretty confused that the Wizards name was Shazam and I had no idea why he would be called Captain Marvel. Theres also the whole issue with the multiple Captain Marvels at Marvel.

Due to being a secondary character in Shazams universe Mary doesnt really have any of these issues and would proabably be fine if left as is.