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The way I always see it, if I enjoy a movie, whether I agree with the moral or the depictions of characters or not I always give it a seven. Then I take into consideration my personal tastes.

Justice League War is bitter sweet for me. I thought, you know what, I enjoyed that movie. No doubt. But at the same time I had to say I thought it was one of the worse of their titles to date. Especially coming after Flashpoint which was plain badassery at its best.

Just so you know my fav DC Animated Features

1) Justice League Flashpoint (EPIC EPIC EPIC)


3) Wonder Woman (Totally Badass in my opinion)

4) Dark Knight Returns second Part obviously


6) All Star Superman (best superman to date, the others suck)

7) Batman Year One

8) Justice League Crisis Two Earths

The rest are kind of just blah to me and JL war really stands up there in the blah catergory. First time I saw Wonder Woman, Paradox and New Frontier, I pretty much just started the films again to enjoy the badassery for a second turn. The only reason I didn´t do that with Dark Knight was because I´d read it a few times. I think my main issue with the movie is a matter of taste. First off there are so many more comics worthy of DC adaptation than New 52 Justice League. What Johns has done to the dynamic makes it to me like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles only a little edgier. You know

Justice League conflicting characters

Justice League conflicting characters

Wonder Woman taught them to be warriors, SHE´s (she's a radical chick!)

Superman leads, Bruce Waynes the bat that does machines (That's a fact, Jack!)

Green Lanterns cool but crude (Gimme a break!)

And Shazam and Flash are party dudes (Lets Party!)

Justice League conflicting characters

Justice League conflicting characters

Heroes in a half shell

Justice power!

I know thats what kids like, but JL has always been more than that to me and I just kind of find it childish and lame.

I hope they really don´t start going New 52 route, because some of the older graphics like Kingdom Come, Superman Birth Right, Earth One, even stuff like Wonder Woman Circle or a Flash or Shazam or Aquaman Origin, Batman Earth One forgodsake. The list just goes on of how many Pre New 52 archs really deserve the love way before New 52 stuff becomes a regular fixture.

What do you think?

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no answer great.

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I really disliked the movie.Its more than likely because these are not the character i came to love and i just in general don't like new 52. if i had to rate the movie id give it a one.It had a moment that made me giggle so it did deserve that one.

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I liked it, the voices took me some time to get used to especially in regards to Batman but overall I managed to get used to it, the animation was very good and I like the art style and thought it was way better than the art style used back in the Flashpoint movie.

As far as the future direction that DC decides with its animated films I don't mind if they go exclusively with stories based on the New 52, not that I'm not disappointed that some of my favorite pre-N52 stories won't be brought to life but in the end as long as the quality of the presentation is maintained then I don't mind.

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To be honest, I really hated this movie. It was so completely vapid and devoid of any soul or charm and it really sucked the life out of the characters. I had similar problems with Flashpoint, but even that I enjoyed to a degree. With this, I found it near impossible to become invested in the characters. The dialogue and voice acting was so cringe inducingly bad that I found myself wondering how some of those lines got past editing.

Fun action and great animation, at least.