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I am more of a Marvel fan (comics and movies) but DC's animated movies are mind-blowing! This is definitely in my top 10 movies. It has action,drama, excellent character interaction and amazing visuals. Its about how one small action can change everything. I especially loved that the Flash was in the centre of it all (I know Flashpoint DUUUUH) but it's a dramatic change as most of DC's animated films have more focus on Batman and Superman. This movie has an excellent plot and I love seeing the alternate versions of our favourite characters. I really enjoyed seeing Aqualad in the mix! I highly recommend you see this movie! My personal rating? 10/10!

If you're a comic-book lover, or a fan of film in general watch this fast-paced masterpiece!

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wait it came out already? lol to amazon

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The film was great but i couldn't get over how terrible some of the characters looked.

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Just watched it and that was probably the best DC animated movie I've seen and I've seen almost all of them. It felt a little rushed at parts but overall it was really very well done. I don't know why they decided to use a bit of CG at the end but I'll let it slide for telling the Flashpoint storyline in animation

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i really enjoyed. for once i was wrong about the art style. it fit perfectly.

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I don't like the art, but the movie is better than the comic.