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I've read a few of the first issues from a number of series, such as Marvel's Iron Man Vol 4 and X-Men: First Class or DC's New 52 Batman and older Red Robin series. The problem is, or so I seem to have found at least, that DC is much harder to understand.

My experiences are brief, but so far most Marvel comics are within the standard 616 universe and that is that. However, with DC, even the New 52 has a large number of references to the different universes (Earth 2, for example). It seems to me that DC like to have multiple universes. Superman/Batman and Injustice (I know that the latter is a spin-off as such, a tie-in to the game, but the principle remains) are two examples.

So, my question is whether or not anyone else has noticed this, and whether you think too that it makes DC slightly harder to understand?

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I don't find it more difficult but I can certainly understand how it could be.

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It used to be with all the continuity, multiple crises, and crazy numbering. I don't think it really is with the New 52 though. However, Marvel hasn't ever had a true reboot, has always gone down a pretty straight timeline, and Marvel issues seem to usually be more self-contained. They save the long form stories for big books and events. Plus Marvel likes to create new jumping on points all the time. 12 issues of Wolverine? Here's a new #1. DC books are almost always in the middle of a 4-12 issue arc or a 4 book crossover. So, yeah I guess Marvel is easier o get into. It really helps though if you actually care about the characters. That usually makes the big difference as to why you can't get into a series.

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Batman and Green Lantern are the most hard to get into beacuse they keep the original continuity. The multiple earths is a comun thing right now Earth is golden age N52 version and earth 3 is evil twins. Al least is easy to get into that try to read a fake number #1 like Wolverine and the X-men that just changes the creative team.

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@brad387: I don't know what you are talking about when you say that earth 2 being mentioned in other books

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I find every series outside of batman & Green Lantern universes to be much more easier then Marvel to jump into, but that's cause GL & Bat's just continued their universes with some slight changes.

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I would argue that DC is very good at making trades or releasing new editions of stories, so it can allow you get into the character. They also have good one-off which work too. Admittedly Batman/Superman are very good ones to do that.

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I don't know why pepole find alt reality confusing

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It depends on who you are, everybody's different. For me it was actually the opposite, I had a hard time getting into Marvel. Probably because I didn't know a lot about the Marvel Universe, and I was more knowledgable with DC.

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@jaken7: I'm not suggesting that DC is impossible to get into, but Marvel just seems more simple. DC opts for more overarching storylines, with some across multiple universes. However, although my experiences are admittedly brief, Marvel for the most part sticks to contained storylines (unless part of a greater event) and sets the majority of them within the standard 616 universe.

@scouts1998: The Superman/Batman comic has the two fighting in one scene, despite previously being amicable in the prior scene. After a Google search, it seemed that (having no knowledge of Superman or Batman lore, besides the common knowledge from movies and pop culture of Batman being an orphan and Superman a Kryptonian) it was because they had been transported to Earth 2. I found it in a thread on here, so that's all I can say.

@jonny_anonymous: Not all, but the main character which I tried to read under the New 52 was Batman and as others have said that series has maintained the multiple universes. It's like movies with time-travel, I just find them confusing.

@jokerpoker: I suppose that it is because, so far at least, all of the Marvel characters which I have watched I have had previous experiences with. For example, when it comes to Iron Man, I know him from the movies. Whilst the storylines aren't necessarily exact, the existing familiarity with the character is helpful. On the other hand, I have never really had any experiences with DC characters - except for some short animations and the Injustice video game.

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Neither are hard to get into. Start at issue 1 of a series and read it.

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One company isn't more difficult than the other. Several offer various 'jump-on' points, and both companies have a lot of history behind their stories which you won't know unless you dig deeper.

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DC is harder to get because their events have been way more complicated than what Marvel has offered throughout the years and every single big book they publish has something to do with the past event.

While Marvel has easy to understand events with a lot of action,no characterization almost and then even if the titles are connected to the aftermath of the event you cannot get confused.For Marvel it is harder to get up to date with a big character like Spidey,Captain America ant etc. because there have been a lot of stuff happening with them through the years.

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@marcosvergara14: In my case, Green Lantern is the easiest to follow since the continuity is solid as there hasn't been major changes even after reboots. (no holes in the continuity, and has always been a GL fan)

The only thing that makes GL (and batman) a difficult title (for others) to dive into is that you really have to start at the beginning to catch up with modern day issues.

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I would say that when you're getting into either universe (from not having been into either) you really have to jump in - reading a LOT of material. Enough that you could feel comfortable describing the "state of the universe" to someone else. It'll all feel overwhelming if you only read a little bit of either. I think once you do that, it's hard to get into the other universe (because you're used to a sense of familiarity). That happened to me - I started with a little Marvel, then thought "okay, now I'll do some DC" (all finished/non-current arcs), then I just kept reading more & more DC. I read a little Marvel, but it's hard to get into it like I have DC because with DC I don't have that uncomfortable feeling of unfamiliarity.

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I find the other way around to be the case, with the exceptions of Daredevil and Captain America.

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All I read other than Batman for 30 years was Marvel. But when the New 52 came it intrigued me. I always loved certain characters so I jumped in and made some of the best buys I made in years.. New 52 Batman Court of OwLs, Swamp Thing Raise Them Bones, and Aquaman The Trench. I am now hooked. The character development from the writers is amazing. By the end of the Vol.2 books I just bought I feel like I have know these characters for twenty years. I really recommend anyone of these books and they continue to be great along with the other six books I read every month. If you like supernatural horror, read Swamp Thing.