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So I've recently discovered some of DCs out of continuity titles like Justice, The New Frontier, and Kingdom Come, and I want to buy one. I wish I could buy more than one, but I only have the money for one of them. Knowing that there are more great Justice League TPBs than the three I've already found, I've waited on buying any one of them to ask the interwebz for their advice and recommendations.

So for someone who is really pretty new to reading DC, which Justice League trade is the most iconic and best represents the team as it is?

(I've been reading the New 52 Justice League titles, but I know that it isn't even close to what the ensemble could be, if Justice League DOOM is any indication.)

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Well, of the three that you mentioned, Kingdom Come has probably the best story and the best art, but The New Frontier is probably the one that best represents the team as it is now (and it also has a really good story and really good art). And I've not read Justice yet, so I can't really tell you one way or the other on that one.

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Kingdom Come is a great book but it's not about the Justice League(Some of the JL members are in the book though.). However I suggest you to read it.

Personally, I don't hate Justice but I don't like it. But Justice has JL's characters informations. It will help you to know JL.

I personally suggest JLA: Crisis of Conscience, JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice, Grant Morrison's JLA books and Mark Waid's JLA books. Or cartoons like JLA Unlimited and Crisis on Two Earths.

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New Frontier is the best of the bunch but you can get it only in two trades or as an absolute edition.


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JLA: The Nail. This isn't what you're looking for


It's a good Elseworlds story showing what it will be like if Kal-El didn't land it Smallville, never Clark Kent, and never was Superman. (The main focus is the league though)

There's also it's sequel, which cleans up everything that was off in the latter story.

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Well, I watched The New Frontier with a friend last night, and I was very impressed by the story. I know that an animated feature can't cover everything in a book, so I'll be sure to buy The New Frontier, even though it's in two volumes. Virtue and Vice seems really interesting. I'll check that out too. I'm sure I can gather enough money to buy that too.

The other two that I mentioned can be checked out my my local library, so that's fine. Thanks for the help guys!

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I would also highly recommend Grant Morrison's and Mark Waid's JLA runs (just like the one or two other people that already have in this thread). I've been re-reading those books recently, and I would still consider those stories to be among my favorite Justice League stories.

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@spidermonkey2099: Yeah, I was looking up those trades as well. I don't have the money to own all of them, but between Marvel Unlimited and my library system, I'll be busy for a few years!