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Poll: Favorite New Teen Titan Member? (10 votes)

Robin 60%
Wonder Girl 0%
Raven 30%
Beast Boy 0%
Cyborg 0%
Starfire 0%
Kid Flash 0%
Aqualad 0%
Speedy 10%

My vote would have to be Robin though Beast Boy and Raven would have to be my next too.

#1 Posted by CaptainUzi (1955 posts) - - Show Bio

I always liked Speedy. Robin was cool but Speedy was always more mysterious, I never really knew what he was capable of in the show, just the hunch that he could keep up with and maybe even beat Robin one on one.

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@captainuzi: Speedy is pretty cool. I always liked how he was more mysterious than the other young heroes and sidekicks in the DCU.

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Loved Raven's story and her journey. An empathic healer who could not allow herself to feel for fear of being overcome by darkness. The subtle changing of her face to note the progression of her warm personality changing to colder, dark. Ultimately, the growth of her powers and the dawn of the white cloak. Wanted her to graduate into the level of Spectre or Phantom Stranger in the DCU.