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Poll: Favorite "main" new 52 story arc? (43 votes)

Night of the owls 26%
Culling 0%
Rotworld 9%
H'el on earth 7%
Death of family 21%
Rise of 3rd army 0%
Throne of atlantis 35%

So of the the big story arcs with tie-ins from New 52 have you enjoyed most? I haven't read them all, currently trying to collect death family, and throne of atlantis.

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So far of the ones I have read, they have all been mediocre to poor.

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You forgot Hawkman: Wanted. That was my favorite. I didn't read any of those other ones.

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Night of the owls for me. The build up to it in Batman was amazing as well.

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I have to finish T war so I just chose the court.

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Throne of Atlantis. Simply because of dat art.

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Out of those mentioned, I voted Night of Owls, but so far, my favourite has been 'The Others' which was featured in Aquaman

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i say court of owls then throne of atlantis very close 2nd

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In my opinion Batman & Robin: Born to Kill was the best arc coming out of the New 52. But there were no tie-ins for that.

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Throne of Atlantis, easily.