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First of all, I haven't read much comic books these past years (last one I read was Infinite Crisis which I already forgot most of the major plot and now I'm trying to hop straight to Batman : Death of The Family arc). And today I took my time to watch the animated movie Justice League : Crisis on Two Earths. In that movie, Owlman says the Earth-Prime is the original earth (Our Earth) from all the alternate earth.

Is that mean we acted as a God who creates them and develop their (The Superheroes) adventure until now? Or has the Earth-Prime term is not the same as what I stated above?

Thanks for all of you who wants to help enlighten me on this.

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Earth Prime in the movie is the world on which the first choice was ever made, thus creating the multiverse. It isn't necessarily our world. In comics it's the original home of Superboy Prime and other characters.

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@nightwing4: I forget where I read it about an article that states the Earth Prime is the home where people like us and also the DC Writers reside and they make a story about superheroes. That part is the one which confused me. Are the writers somehow acted like God who control when they will die, married, and so on or I can put aside those statements and just pretend that the superheroes world run on its own way without the intervention of the writers (That our world is also recognized by them superheroes as another Earth) ?

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That's just in a tv show

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@arkhamc1tizen : What about Fourth Wall? Does that refer to as the heroes acknowledge their existence is only fictional?