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Hi everyone,

I have a chance to get the Justice League 1-19 set for £75. All comics in NM condition, bagged and boarded.

Is it worth the investment or would it be better to wait for a cheaper set? Of course a cheaper set is great but given that most NM sets can vary given how much the seller thinks a "rare" set is valued at, does this price justify (no pun intended) the story so far in the series?

Just to add, I also have a growing Aquaman collection, currently waiting on my 11-18 set to come through, and I've read the crossover for the series is quite good. So that's a plus.

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I think you can go out and get them all individually by yourself for less. Not a good deal.

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Your currency is better than ours so it may not be as bad of a deal as it appears. You'll spend more for the first and more recent issues, regardless. I know comic shops are rarer in Europe depending on where you are. The guy that was too lazy to convert pounds to dollars himself has probably never tried to buy comics overseas. First world problems right...

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I really think this is the high point of prices. It's like the 1990's all over again. I feel like I should be ebaying my main character 1-20 sets everytime I see what the first years worth of Batman's are going for. And I feel bad for readers without good stores around because most of these are in my LCBS back issues with only #1 and maybe Batman #7 and the death of Damian issue marked above cover price.