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im fine with the pushback and like i said its jla just wait and see because look at all the rumors floating plus does wb really want to not only take on marvel but star wars as well in the same year? its a smart move on wb's part to push back till 2016 and this gives them time to carefully craft a story

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I'm all for taking the time to make a great movie...but this is just ridiculous.

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If that will help improve overall quality of the movie, then by all means…

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Once upon a time they said we were getting a justice league movie in 2015.

So now i am waiting for a 2018 justice league movie

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I expect a high quality movie!

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Hopefully it gives them time to make improvements on everything, and take their time with it. BUT DAMN, I have to wait another year for this!?

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Good I hope it's better than that utter disappointment of Man of Steel. I just hope the wait pays off.