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Is there or can there be a story arc where Batman obtains some kind of power and becomes a threat to the DC verse?

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I don't think so. If you count Tower of Babel (which I don't), then yes. But besides that, no.

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I don't believe so. I would absolutely enjoy seeing Batman as a villain and how he would fare as a threat that the Gotham City Police Department would try to capture. It won't happen in the New 52 continuity for the time being. Someday, it could happen but I doubt it.

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He would be great as an Ozymandias type of villain

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I think it would just be kind of dumb at this point. It could just be something that stems from my current apathy toward Batman, but I really don't think I would care in the least about such a story.

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I think it'd be interesting. I'd be a change from superman always going bad. Give us a new angle. The metahumans would have to use their noodles more than their characters often do as well

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Perhaps not in the 'take over the world and bow down to me' sort of way, but maybe in the 'ends justifies the means' sort of concept, then yes, that would be a lot more convincing.

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I'd like to see an Elseworlds story where Bruce Wayne becomes a Luthor-esk supervillian and Superman finally gets to be the good guy in an alternate universe fight between them.

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Batman being a villain is an oxymoron.

Just read Watchmen or Prometheus' appearance in JLA or something.

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