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Each week we take a close look at a comic collectible. That means taking it out of the box. With this week's selection, taking it out of the box is pretty much essential. You may have seen our exclusive preview for the latest installment of the SCRIBBLENAUTS UNMASKED digital first comic.

DC Collectibles has released the first wave of figures based on the Scribblenauts Unmasked comic and video game.

There are eleven figures in the first assortment. Each figure has five points of articulation. They will be available at stores such as GameStop and cost five dollars each. The figures come in individual boxes in a blind assortment. That means you have no idea what figure you're going to get. Some characters will occur more frequently than others.

If you watched the video at the top of the page, you got to see what each box is like, including the packaging inside. You also know which two figures we'll be taking an extra close look at.

The first is the mystery figure in shadow. Obviously it's Maxwell, the star of the game and comic. It's not Maxwell in his normal outfit, he dressed up special for his toy debut.

Maxwell is even wearing a Green Lantern power ring, despite the fact that he doesn't actually have fingers.

You can see that the figures don't have a lot of detail but they're not meant to. They're designed in a minimalist way as they are seen in the game. But their design and costumes do have the look from the comic and video game.

Each figure also comes a stand in the shape of Maxwell's notebook. They can stand on their own without it but the stand does make it easier.

As for the second figure I got, it turned out to be Deadman!

Deadman's not meant to be cute but look at him. How can you deny how cute this figure is.

So I did get lucky here. I was told by DC Collectibles to look at Deadman in the dark after I told them who I got. It turns out he actually glows in the dark. Another cool feature.

With these figures, there is the risk that if you buy more than one, you'll get multiples of the same figure. That's part of the fun and challenge. As I mentioned in the video, if you have friends buying these too, you could try to trade for the ones you want or need. DC hasn't released the distribution of figures in the assortment and they do come in trays of 24. They were released last Wednesday but I tried a tried a couple different GameStops and called a third. It seems the East Coast weather may have slowed down their shipments.

If you want to see close up pics of the other figures, DC Collectibles did give us some images of the rest of the figures. You can click on each to view:

DC also has Scribblenauts Unmasked variants on select comics. Here's some of the variant covers:

So what do you think? Have you been reading the comic or are you playing the game?

The big question is, are you interested in seeing a video of me opening up more when I buy some?

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Love these! And unboxing blind-box toys is always fun, you should do more!

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To dang cute! You should definitely do more unboxing videos.

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hi friends! Does anyone have a coupon code for dc collectibles that I can use?

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These figures are a bit TOO simple for me to want to collect any. Add the fact that I don't know which one I am buying and I will pass.

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I like the Deadman one.

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Actually these are available now and in comic book stores, not just Gamestop. I've bought 4 so far and have gotten Aquaman, Joker, and doubles of Bizzaro. I'll definitely be buying a couple more on Wednesday.

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@mewstu: I did say that in the video. That they were available other places as well. I just know for a fact that GameStop will have them and have them online. Comic shops are iffy. Depends on if they felt like ordering any. I never said they were exclusive.

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Oh Crap...... Blind box toys are like crack to me....... I would keep buying those stupid things, in till I got the toy I wanted!

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I want this.

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Whoa, for $5 I can definitely afford to snag a few of those & try my luck.

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@child_karl: Yeah, I've seen other similar "blind box" figures between 8-10 dollars. I'm definitely gonna get some more. I need that Bizarro!

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We have the game (in which players type in adjectives and nouns to solve problems and take on villains). At 4, Joe's not yet a speller. But he loves the build-a-character function. (Daddy and Mommy like the gameplay.) As for the comic, I was surprised how much I liked its first issue. Sometimes, with both children's comics and tie-in comics, you never know.

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I'll wait until those I want are on eBay.

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Blind buy toys that are more than a dollar make me angry...all I want is WW and Bats!

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These are pretty cute, the game was fun enough and I love plastic junk so I might get one or two. I've seen that the 2nd series of these are already advertised some places. Supposed to include Bane, Flash, Blue Beetle, Cyborg, and a different costume of Aquaman.

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I love Blind Box Toys, now I just have to hope that my comic store orders some of them. I want Deadman and Supey~.

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Love the idea of Blind Box Toys :), let's see if I can find an Aquaman!

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prince needs one

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I really didn't like how small these things are. I'd rather spend the extra two dollars on the Batman mystery mini's that I found at a 7/11.

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I bought twelve today and ended up with Superman, Bizarro, Wonder Woman, Black Manta, Deadman, two Batmans, two Jokers, and three Aquamans. Not bad, but I still need Vampire Batman, Maxwell GL, and Solar Superman. Tempted to go back to the same Gamestop and try my luck with the same tray. Never done blind boxes before.

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Cutest thing ever

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@lurkero said:

These figures are a bit TOO simple for me to want to collect any. Add the fact that I don't know which one I am buying and I will pass.

I agree. I would just get the non-mystery Funko DC or Marvel figures. They are cute and just at the right level of detail. Blind boxes are only fun if all of the figures look good, so even if you don't like the character you could still set it up. At least the price is better than most similar brands.

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i think these figures are really cool, but im always a sucker for video game style art made into figures.

now im just waiting for the Lobo one to be released.....hopefully.

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Ughhhhh. I want em.

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@g_man: do you know when the next wave hits? I really want Superman blue