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I recently read issue #24 of AQ. The Dead King storyline has been pretty awesome and intriguing. And I think Paul Pelletier is delivering some awesome visuals and Sean Parsons and Rod Reis are completing the whole package beautifully. Worth saying that the scene where Atlantis is sinking looked amazing! Man this book is awesome don't you guys think? Paul's Aquaman is regal looking, strong and barbaric, especially with the short beard.

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Everything about the book has been superb.

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Yea Aquaman is def. top notch and issue 24 gave a cool back story.

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I love this issue. The colours, the panel design and especially the page colour background gave off this stony royal historic vibe.

I'm pretty happy I got back to Aquaman with this issue, although I am pretty lost and missing a lot of specific plots since my last issue was #2. Time buy trades or back issue hunting!

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Everything about the book has been superb.

This Pelletier made this book his own and he literally outdoes himself with every passing issue.

He is easily becoming one of DC's top artists.

But credit where credit is due.

He also benefits from having possibly the best coloring team in DC comics right now, that compliments his exceptional pencils perfectly.

All in all the art in Aquaman has been excellent sine the very first issue.

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I hope Pelletier stays even if Johns is leaving (i know he's staying already), and by stay i mean longer than johns has done. I like pelletier cause he's fast and consistent.

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@baberaham_lincoln: He said he want's to stay and hopefully he will.

And IMO being consistently able to hit deadlines (like Reis) is his most important quality (along side his amazing ocean visuals and high adventure action scenes).

I'd take Pelletier over Jim Lee for example because of that reason.

Pelletier hasn't missed a single issue, and what's more crazy is that he keeps improving, issue after issue.

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I have to admit Paul Pelletier is becoming one of dc's best artists and his work really brought the whole issue together. The story definatley has promise and it is nice to see some aquaman backstory everyonce in a while. Looks like Van Sciver finally has a equal artwise. I started reading aquaman without high hopes, I started with this series, and this series made me fall in love with the character. and yes the colouring is magnicifent!

Great issue

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Very awesome that you guys all agree on this book's solid storytelling and amazing art team. Ivan Reis set the high standard and Pelletier is running with it making it his own!