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Read JLD with Creeper, and I want that time in my life back.

Is there any story worthy of this event taking place?

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Forever Evil mini series is good...read Joker, Bizzaro, Deadshot - i liked Bizzaro

Looking forward to Reverse Flash and Zod

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So you read one book and think the event has nothing good to offer?

Forever evil #1,DarkSeid,Two-Face, Grodd, Deadshot,Cyborg Superman,etc were all good

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@sinisteri: umm yeah. You probably read by far the worst of the bunch. Two-Face, Cyborg Superman, Deadshot, Grodd, Darkseid, and Joker were all good. Forever Evil was also VERY good

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  • Count Vertigo
  • Darkseid
  • Relic
  • Two-Face
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  • Count Vertigo
  • Darkseid
  • Deadshot
  • Grodd
  • Poison Ivy
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Count Vertigo, Two-Face, and The Ventriloquist

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Darkseid, Deadshot, Two Face, and of course Forever Evil 1. Try a few more titles and wait for the event to finish before you start judging it.

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Grodd was really great.

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Forever Evil obviously, Darkseid, Cyborg Superman, Joker, Ventriliquist, Bizzaro, Two-Face. I haven't read Grodd but I'm probably gonna check it out too - so far everything I've read this month has been great IMO. Zod this week should be epic....

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Thanks, guys.

For those who asked, I was not that impressed with Cyborg Superman or Darkseid or Desaad. Grood seemed interesting.

I have seen better single issue stories defining both characters with more meat and seasoning.

Please read Darkseid's origin story where his mother has his wife killed not realizing her daughter in law would have prevented her matricide had she lived. The lost of true love drives an already ambitious Darkseid to be one ruthless.

I have read comics for decades. Little advice-- if you need to read all the books to get or decide if an event is good-- then the event is already lacking and probably will not improve.

Forever Evil is a great concept. I like the idea that the Earth 3 beings don't have a planet fueling their motivation to attack earth. Best idea for them yet if not ever.

One of my biggest problems with crossovers is when the event barely has any connection between the ongoing title and the event title. Some of the ongoing titles are just spotlights for villain origins which don't play to the main event. So, I get that we just kinda have villains month mixed in.

Most importantly, I really wanted to know if there were some gems to check out. So, I really do want to try a few titles I may not otherwise try. Thanks for the suggestions.