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So i heard Darkseid is a new god or something like that but how come people far weaker than him get the better of him easily. People even speculate that his loses are just his avaters loosing and not the real him.

Even here on the vine, he can not even win a fight against Thanos without an amp.

I think he should be in skyfather class what do you guys think?

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Well, it took the entire Justice League to take him down and he also killed Earth-2's Trinity. I'd say he's pretty strong in the N52 -if not the strongest thing in existence as of now- but there isn't much evidence since his feats are so little, viners probably place him lower on the totem poll of battling.

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Villains son. They're built up to be knocked down and sadly sometimes they get jobbed for no other reason then the hero has to win. He does have some pretty cool feats. On the Vine alot of characters get dismissed or devalued. I believe they show him in Skyfather range in the recent JLA Darkseid issue.

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Sorry there was on prompt I am on phone.

Yes he has some pretty impressive feats like soloing the JL and all but his low end feats are too many that it takes away all those impressive feats.

As for we the viners as you say we place some characters with ubber less feats on the higher totem poll. Why not Darkseid, it really bugs me.

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@ben_coby: how TF did anyone come to the conclusion that Thanos would beat Darkseid? Darkseid is master of his own universe, a God killer, immortal, and kills alternate Supermen for sport!

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