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Since I keep seeing differing points of view on how people like or hated how Cyclops is being portrayed, whether it's him being the perfect boy scout or him being an anti-hero, I was wondering what kind of personality or lifestyle would make you like Cyclops even more? Do you like him being an anti-hero or do you like him being a boy scout or do you want him to be something else entirely?

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eh idk but im waiting on the day where he finally just snaps and goes classic magneto on the world, that'd be interesting

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If he stopped pretending to be a hero and went all-out sociopathic Lawful Evil. He'd be a decent villain but he makes a TERRIBLE anti-hero.

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@rabbitearsblog: I only tend to like him when he is with the O5. Especially early X-Factor. I dislike how everyone thinks he is the "X-Man" when Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, and Kitty are more important to the X-Men IMO.

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Cyclops just needs to keep out talking people like he is now. Cyclops has always had a really sharp tongue and amazing dialog, but from like M-Day to AvX he just got half the treatment he should have gotten. I liked his choices and i liked the serious spot they put him in, but it was like the writers thought being serious means not being clever. I also hope they don't try to create uncharacteristic doubt like when he started dating Emma.

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Before all of this post-Schism crap, he was my favourite Marvel character.

So I guess if he wasn't written in character, I'd like him more. Alas, that won't happen any time soon.

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I like Cyclops the way he is now.

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If he died and never came back.

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I dislike how everyone thinks he is the "X-Man" when Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, and Kitty are more important to the X-Men IMO.

Interesting you say that because it's not often said but one could certainly argue the sacrifices and actions of those characters and some others as well could make them more important to the X-Men. That mentality that Scott is the X-Men seems to be a more common thing lately. We already know that the X-Men will do just fine without him. There have been numerous other people in leadership positions among them.

Personally I don't think I could ever really be a fan of his. I will always respect him as the first X-Man and leader of the X-men though.

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@knighthood: "wolverine more important to x-men than cyclops"


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God i hate cyclops

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die or revert to what he was before what's-her-face came.

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I like him as the calculating leader of his people. him being in between the prof and magneto but a good guy fits.

i like that he doesn't get on with shield. and i HATE wolverine. the character used to be interesting but not anymore imo. he is more an avenger than x-man.

i would like him to give the avengers a swift slap and leave then dumb faced :)