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We all know a huge part of San Diego Comic-Con is the Cosplayers. They really go all out and bring the various characters to life. We saw a lot of great costumes and we have a few pics to show some of them off. Thanks to Norm from for sharing some (check out the full Tested gallery HERE). We managed to take some pics ourselves in between interview appointments as well.

Help us celebrate the hard work the cosplayers put into their costumes. Let's keep it respectful.

You can see more pics at Norm's full gallery at

If that wasn't enough for ya, check out our Cosplay VIDEO here:

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Daft punk and female Nightwing are really awesome.So sad that I missed that Tali on the show floor. Took a picture of those Bebop folks myself! My favorite of the gallery is the Infinity Gauntlet, its really clever and looks rocking as a dress.

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Zombie Teletubbies was awesome.

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The Thor & Loki guys are awesome! Their costumes are dead-on. Especially the Loki guy. And the Infinity Gauntlet dress was a very creative idea.

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Some amazing cosplay in there. I especially enjoyed the Brarios, Mariachi Mortal Kombat karacters, and many of the others. Thanks for sharing!

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That Punisher tho.

Female Dr M should be butt naked, just saying.

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For girls I liked these the best:

I really like the WW one.

I take back saying that I hated Dr Manhattan.

As for Guys:

I really like Punisher and Guy Gardner (Even though I aint a fan of him most the time.)

As for a group. I think Guardians of the Galaxy killed it.

Love Rocket lol

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This kid is awesome.
I dare say this costume fits her like a glove. :)
This was my absolute favorite. I exclaimed "Oh, wow!" at work lol. Very nice job.

There were plenty of other great ones, but those are my favorites.

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Fascinating to look at

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@cbishop: The Infinity Gauntlet...certainly a creative choice.

Lots of X-Men and Harley Quinns.

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Love it, all of it.

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Good God!!! That Scarlet Witch (the one standing next to Mary Marvel) took it a bit far, no?

However that Magick cosplay is amazing!

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Just an idea- One guy dresses like Magneto, and he has like two other gymnast friends dress in grey morph suits, metallic colored. He makes it look like he's controlling the other guys.


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Soooooo many great costumes here! But I gotta say that my favorite would probably have to be Briareos.

Close second would be these guys.

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That Darkchilde/Magik cosplay is amazing!

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she look like sara

Babs wouldn't have been caught dead dressed like Nightwing, he hates him.

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So many great costumes this year! I really love Red Hood, Infinity Gauntlet, Rucka Punisher, Umbrella Academy, Days of Future Past Beast and Magneto, Red Robin, Bloodshot, Transformation Carnage, Iron Man 3 Tony Stark, Guy Gardner, and Gwen Stacey Spider-Man. I usually have a pet peeve about anime costumes, but the Cowboy Bebop costumes brought a great smile to my face as well, wonderful realizations of those characters.

But what is going on with the barley-safe-for-work Scarlet Witch in the picture with Mary Marvel? I mean, should that really be posted on here?

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Is that Trisha Hershberger?

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Beautiful people cosplaying makes me feel uncomfortable.

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Solo Harley Quinn- I like the spin on the "cheerful" Harley.

Death of the Family Joker- Oh my, that couldn't be more disturbing and awesome! I like how Harley's makeup reflects "Joe's".

Female Nightwing- Hell yeah! I really kind of want a female Nightwing now! Maybe that's what Bluebird will end up being?

Maleficent- I honestly thought that WAS Jolie for a second!

Female Cap and Female Winter Soldier- Really awesome! Winter Soldier looks fierce!

Power Rangers- My childhood! :)

Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman(?)- Really cool. That costume looks great in real life as well.

Spider-Man- Really cool, but I can't say I dig the full on look. That movieverse costume looks a bit too stiff.

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Saturn Girl Peach and the lady with the Infinity Gauntlet dress are reasons why I like when cosplayers decide to be more original with their costumes. Doesn't matter if you look like the character or not, if you call pull off some original twist with it, it becomes a great cosplay.

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Zombie Teletubbies was awesome.

Makes me wanna cosplay as the Teletubbies rip offs, Bubbly Chubbies.

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This Swamp Thing is scary in all the wrong ways.

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Good God!!! That Scarlet Witch (the one standing next to Mary Marvel) took it a bit far, no?

However that Magick cosplay is amazing!

Hahahahaha. That's nasty...

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This makes me miss Greg Rucka's Punisher so much!

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Its not Sara, but does anyone know who it is?

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@kamionero: Great now every time I picture Scarlet Witch she'll have a third boob and C section scar.

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Why is the magazine in Lara Croft's gun backwards?

And of all things...why is that what I notice?

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Was hoping to see one of the Peggy Carter cosplays they mentioned in the video for SHIELD and Agent Carter.

That original-shield Cap is right on.

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So nice to see so many craft-focused cosplay instead of boob-focused ones. This is definitily THE best Magik/Darkchylde cosplay I've ever seen! I'd love to do soething like this as well.

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my fav

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Good God!!! That Scarlet Witch (the one standing next to Mary Marvel) took it a bit far, no?

However that Magick cosplay is amazing!

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Another amazing job by everyone. Some knocked it out of the park, like the Bepop and Rocksteady, or Magik (how did she walk?!) And yes, there are always a few who clearly did not have the fabricating ability, or budget and just did the best they could and had fun. I admire people who have that trait, and it is sad to see folks who do not try to bring them down to their level.

I love photos like these! Great Work everyone.

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But did this guy chop off his foot to really complete the look?

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I don't get to go to these so I have to ask. Is there usually this much gender-bending going on at there things?