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Same as last week, write an issue SUMMARY for a comic that comes out THIS week.

For the full description of the contest, read the contest BLOG.

Post HERE when you add a summary.  Again the contest is for an issue SUMMARY, not review.
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Sweet another Issue Summery contest.

Now hopefully ill be able to do more, that ican upload pics this time around

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Okay was gonna ask a very stupid question but meh nm now. I added one just finished it

The covers really crappy cause i had to find a pic off line since my scanners down so sorry.

Ill put more into the synopsis of it once i get five minites. Also more too come when...i actually get them lol.


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Wait until the comics actually released (Wednesdays) before adding to the database.  Sometimes they get delayed or the cover changes, etc.

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aztek the lost said:
"ooh, I think I may have the perfect comic for this..."

Race you!
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Oh me oh my... is tarot who i think she is?

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Awesome.  This time I know whats going on!!!!  :P

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I got a good dozen summaries. I just haven't been motivated enough to do it.

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Do we post the summary here?

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SilverZeo said:
"I got a good dozen summaries. I just haven't been motivated enough to do it."
A dozen summaries for issues that come out tomorrow?  That's impressive.

@Mr. Wilson: add the summaries on the issue page.  (See the issue I used as an example here).  After you add the summary, post in this thread stating the issue you wrote about.  You don't have to copy the summary here.  Just let me (and everyone else) know you did one.
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Okay.  Cool.  thanks G-man.

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G~man said:
"Wait until the comics actually released (Wednesdays) before adding to the database.  Sometimes they get delayed or the cover changes, etc."
lmao yeah im wating till later today to do more
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hey Gman

Does a pic like this work or do I still need the logos an stuff

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Darkchild said:
"hey Gman

Does a pic like this work or do I still need the logos an stuff

No.  It has to be the actual cover.  See any cover here:  http://www.comicvine.com/new_comics/  No watermarks, web addresses, etc.  The actual cover that you would see when you buy it.
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Ok, let's see if this counts :D

This is what I wrote:

"Wakanda is facing annihilation as King T'challa and Queen Ororo are being help prisoners by the skrulls. Facing torture and dishonor, the royal family show the skrulls what pride and love really means by not giving up to their demands. In the meantime, Wakandans are waiting the final blow sticking to their King's plan: Both sides can play with Deception."

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Ok, last one until I return from classes.

Nova #17

"As Nova and the Super Skrull reached Eatth, KI'rt fooled the rest of the skrull armada to give Nova some time to defend his home planet. After he heard a message that his brother could be in danger, he visited the Pegasus Labs only to find out that they were victims of several skrull attacks.

While defending the Labs, Richard Rider realized that there was a chance to bring back Worldmind but who really came back from the dead was someone less expected.

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what is this?

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thenightwing said:
"what is this?
If you would read the blog/beginning of the thread you would know
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Ok, now I swear it. This is the last one :D

Avengers: The Initiative #17:

"Camp Hammond has been taken as the Skrulls main HQ on Earth without the Initiative consent. Obviously, there will be retaliation and the Shadow Initiative will be the spearhead of the counterattack. But maybe the best weapon of these brave soldiers are nothing else that a coward,  weaselly tiny man. "

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Back To Brooklyn Issue one


Plot Summary

Bob Saetta made the biggest mistake of his life by pissing off his brother, one of the biggest and most brutal crime bosses in New York City. This is the story of two brothers at war, wrapped in a special package of extreme language and hardcore violence. Join award winning writer GARTH ENNIS (PREACHER, THE PUNISHER), JIMMY PALMIOTTI(JONAH HEX, PAINKILLER JANE) and artist MIHAILO VUKELIC on a five-issue adrenaline ride that rips the roof off Brooklyn’s criminal underworld!


Bob Saetta walks into a police plaza in hopes of telling them everything he knows. And thats where everything goes down hill. When the police first attempt at taking down their targets fails, Bob decides to go in alone back to brooklyn to get his wife an son. After making his proposal very clear an the police contemplate letting Bob go they decide to allow him back to Brooklyn to find his wife an son. He takes care of a few thugs ith a shotgun an a bucket...yes a bucket. After finishing his "job" at the poker table heis told by one of the slowly dying goons "Dont kill the girl." an as soon as he is told he turns to find himself face to face with someone from his past Maggie.  The inevitable blood bath is walking straight into Bob.



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She-Hulk #33

"A skrull drama. The Super-Skrull has arrived but not as a secret weapon of the Skrull armada, he just wanted to settle the score with her daughter Jazinda who didn't live up to daddy's expectations. But  when Kl'rt understood the real possibility of seeing her daughter forever dead at the hands of Nogor, something weird towards Jazinda awoke in him. It would be naive to call it love. "
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The Ultimates #3

"Is Ultimates vs Ultimates in the Savage Land. At this point of the conflict, it doesn't matter whether the machines, the Ultimates or the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants emerge victorious because just one single death will ignite the end of the Ultimate Universe as we know it. "
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i'm afraid to post cause Baal Zak might add more subs

too late
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Just one more cuz I really like the new series of Madame Xanadu.

Madame Xanadu #4

"There are traitors among the court of Kublai Khan, but thanks to Madame Xanadu, Marco Polo will be the hero of the day just as the Phantom Stranger predicted. But it's time to move again and as destiny unfolds, the Phantom Stranger and Madame Xanadu leave the court of Khan forever. But the two of them are not meant to be together. It seems that loneliness is the only place left for our heroine"

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Ive uploaded a few once i  finish my summeries ill post the rest here but heres what I have done so far

X-men Legacy 216-Walkthroug part 2

Iron Fist Oneshot- Orson Randal an the Death Queen of California

I did a long summery of this one cause well i really enjoyed it so here it is so you know i did it

Plot Summary

Written by Duane Swierczynski Art by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI Cover by KAARE ANDREWS

The minute he saw the dame, Orson Randall knew he was in for a heap of hurt -- all in. But he wouldn’t be the hard-boiled hero he was if he didn’t go sniffing after trouble. Hero? Randall stopped the laugh in his throat. Drowned it in a slug of bourbon. Randall’s no hero. 1920s Los Angeles just ain’t the time or the place for a guy like that. Ain’t the time or place for the Immortal Iron Fist. Orson Randall’s just trying to figure the angle. And if he has to unload his .45s to do it, so much the better. Orson Randall’s just in it for the skirt.


Orson retells the story of how he met the one woman who still leaves his lips burning. He had come to meet with a man named George...when she walked in. Her name was Galatea an her voice enchanted him, she knew what she wanted an she wanted him. Soon after taking her home she left, an Orson went to go an see what had happen to George. Finding George dead on the floor of his house, police burst into the house seeing him the murderer he breaks past the police. Knowing she had something to do with him being set up he went looking, following leads to a man named Simmon he searches his office finding pictures of the woman an other personas one of them being a Darlene she had used. Soon Simmon himself came his men at his cue began to beat Orson yet he was able to escape their grasp after a few blows an with his own tricks escaped. After escaping Orson donning his Ironfist persona an mask made his way back to Galatea apartment only to find three woman saying their Galatea? The three women powers enchanted him again an almost took him over until a woman in red came to his rescue (Corny yeah) it was Darlene. As soon as they were in the free they were again surrounded by men in hooded cloaks under the leadership of one man...Simmon. Simmons cult followed an worshiped Baba Fu, the woman behind Ironfist Galatea was to be Baba Fu's vessal for this world. Doing as she is told Darlene puts Ironfist under her thrall an he is tossed around the room an beaten by the followers.  But soon Ironfist took out the two things they had forgotten...his two .45s.  The firefight began an soon an explosion erupted within the mansion, finding Darlene he wraps his arms around her only to feel the cold embrace of a knife in his back. Darlene tells him she wanted to be their queen an that all he was doing was stopping that, as Ironfist attempts at swaying her from her decision telling her that they killed her father the floor gives way an Ironfist tries to grab for Darlene but she falls to a firey grave.

After the incident Ironfist sits again in a coffeeshop contemplating how he could not save Darlene while the three women swoon over him telling him to put the mask back on. Grateful for him saving them from Simmon they never left his side.


Angel: Revelations #5

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Wolverine Annual: Roar

Plot Summary

Written by DUANE SWEIRZYNSKI Pencils & Cover by MIKE DEODATO

A self-contained, double-sized one-shot written by Duane Swierzynski (Cable) and illustrated by Mike Deodato (Wolverine: Origins)!  All Logan wanted was a place to stop for a cool drink and listen to absolutely nothing for a while.  Well, at least he got his second wish. Because in Roamer, New Mexico (population 342, and falling fast) there’s a savage creature with revenge in its heart, and a roar that can blow out the eardrums of any living being within a mile…except for Logan, of course, whose regenerative abilities bring his hearing back after a minute.  But “a minute” is not soon enough — not when you have zero sense of balance and there’s a bloodthirsty creature that you can’t hear coming.  A creature that won’t stop until Roamer is wiped off the face of the earth.  A creature who wants the last thing you hear to be the sound of your own screams…


Roamer ,New Mexico population 342 and its hotter than hell. Wolverine walks through a almost ghost like town. Not a soul shows its face until he walks into a Food Store finding a man on the floor unconcious. Thinking it was a robbery he walks the man who immediatly goes into shock. Wolverine leaves the man to go for help, an he happens upon a woman an her child in a car in the middle of the heat. Now figuring out that this was no robbery he attempts to free them when he is brought to the ground by a deafaning sound. His hearing gone all he can do is feel an eh feels something big coming the grounds vibrations give him that much.  Then a large beast a wolf slams into him tossing him through a truck splitting the truck in half,  his hearin comes back only for it to be shattered again by another wail from the beast.  Again it attacks him,pinning him to the groud with its leg an slashing Wolverines chest open exposing his ribs. This moment is all he had an he took it slamming his claws into the beasts side. The beast flees in pain after letting out a wail of pain.

After the attack and a bit of healing he walks around the town happening upon a prison with a guard in one of the cells. The guard gives him little an it irritates Wolverine so he leaves as he leaves the prison he can hear someone singing...badly. As he makes his way to the sound a blast of buckshot slams into his chest with an elderly women standing at the door with a shotgun in hand. She can read Wolverines lips an talk after telling him she has been deaf since she was 14 she tells him where the beast came from. It was unearthed by miners looking for water an the woman a young girl then was their , an at that time only its head was freed but it was still able to let out a roar that caused the elderly woman to go deaf .so it was buried again. Then the beast returned when the last groundwater dried up in June, Miners went digging in the location an the beast was released cutting a swath of death an mayhem as it was released upon the world. Wolverine asks how to kill it an the woman with a smart tone "Try a shovel" he puts on his Wolverine uniform an goes looking for the beast. Soon he finds it leaping from a building in an attempt to catch it surprise only to be kicked back onto the building top. The beast wanders on the other side of a building and Wolverine bursts through the window slashing its side an continues to slash its chest. Soon after a brief brawl it falls to the ground an its chest opens revealing a little boy, the source of the beasts roar an before he can scream an take Wolverines head off he pops his claws into the boys throat. As the boy hangs on his claws he splashes some of his blood on Wolverines eyes an shows him visions of his past. The boy was part of a tribe of Indians that were "cleansed" an his entire clan was slaughtered, praying to the wolf totem he asked for help an it gave him a wolfs dead carcass an he entered it becoming one with it. The spirit told him that when they come looking for water again that is when he shall seek his revenge. The visions end an Wolverine understands telling the child he knows exactly how he feels, lying the boy down in his arm he places a closed fist onto his head and pops one of his claws into the boys skull. Finally free the boys spirit escapes, an after the incident the town begins to return to normal. Wolverine says that all of the sounds he heard that day screaming an crying the worst sound was the silence.

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Summary for Trinity #17. Quite boring issue, so I've nothing else to say :(

"Finally, Morgaine Le Fey, Despero and Enigma see their plan successful but the result is a cataclysmic chain of events that could change the universe forever. Meanwhile, in a distant planet, Konvikt is rescued by Graak and they witnessed the end of time as they know it. "

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So glad we're getting descriptions.  Hopefully every sees the importance of this.  Not just for winning comics or getting some more points.  I really think this will make the issue pages more useful in the future.

Keep it up!

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Ms. Marvel #31

"People say the there's nothing more important in life than your own family. That may be true except for Carol Danvers. After the skrull invasion, she is lacking a sense of belonging and self-assurance. Almost empty on the inside and without love for her own family, only one emotion remains in her heart and will driven her actions: Rage against one man. Against Norman Osborn. "
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New Warriors #16

"Who said that being an outlaw would be easy? SHIELD is not joking around anymore and has assembled a Task Force to hunt down the New Warriors once and for all.

In the inevitable conflict, death will descend upon the New Warriors once again and with no more place to run, only Night Thrasher will have the answers needed for his team. Soon, they will realize that the question is not where to hide but when. Sadly, they will find out that messing around with the time, always brings out unpleasant surprises:

Welcome New Warriors to the new iron face of fascism! "
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I just have a question and I think this may be the place to ask about it? how do we get a comic to go on the new comics list, I just added an issue today (Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #52) that was released today, just as I dated it, but it didn't get added automatically, how does that work?

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The date should be the publish date, not the release date.  I'm the one that flags them as NEW.  I usually catch all the major releases but sometimes miss the smaller companies'

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Im getting ready to get a few others set up and or updated that ive already done. I really do enjoy doing these

Fantastic Four True Story 3. This was seriously a very boring an somewhat drawn out comic so i had very little to say

Plot Summary


Okay, you remember that the FF had ventured into fiction to save the world? In this issue, we find out who the big villain is (one of the original Marvel villains, that the FF have never met!) Frankenstein vs. Dracula! Johnny collapses in the arms of Mr. Toad! And the deaths of nearly all the FF. Yes, in a miniseries. The guys on the main book are just going to have to deal. Join us as True Story becomes a true nightmare.


The odd tale of the Fantastic four continues with only one more issue left.  With Reed injured an the "team" in a world they know nothing about what will happen when the end comes when they scream "Fire!"


Wolverine First Class 7

Plot Summary

Written by FRED VAN LENTE Pencils & Cover by MICHAEL GOLDEN

The SOVIET SUPER SOLDIERS have kidnapped Kitty's flame Colossus, and she and Wolverine must brave the dangers of Russia's irradiated Forbidden Zone to save him!


Wolverine giving his always enjoyable "Wolverine Facts you can use" using a Reindeer hide to mask his signature as he sneaks up onto a group of men in hazmet suits. After he tackles an takes care of each of them he releases the caged animals they had on their truck. Finding the taste of lead all too much before he realizes why they had the animals Nuclear Fallout Protocol. He drives off saying they have Kitty and if anything happens to her he will never forgive himself.

2 Days earlier

Wolverine walks into Kitty's room getting ready to yell at her for using his razor when he hears her crying. Asking her whats wrong she tells him she thinks she overheard Colossus having a conversation with another woman an is jealous that its his girlfriend an that she never had a chance to express her feelings. Wolverine still not actually caring about the problem at hand is asked to spy on him to which he replies "Yeah sure, there aint anything on tv tonight anyway."

As both Wolverine an Kitty follow Piotr Wolverine tells her that she needs to tell Piotr her feelings cause this kind of stuff is getting to his reputation. Soon Colossus stops at an airport an two people step out from the plane an speak in Russian. Colossus tells the woman they should not have contacted him, but the woman insists that they needed to meet an he had to come with them. A voice comes from the plane an soon the person blasts out from the plane that very person is Crimson Dynamo an he flies towards Wolverine an Kitty. Immediately attacking Wolverine with a blast Crimson has the upper hand an Kitty rushes to go make sure Colossus is alright. Colossus tries to tell his Russian friends that Kitty an Logan are friends but the woman Darkstar tells him their problem is a matter of life an death for their country and blasts Colossus knocking him unconscious while Vanguard lifts him an takes him into the plane telling the pilot to take off. Crimson mocking Wolverine is soon overpowered by Wolverine for a brief moment, As Wolverine fights with Dynamo Kitty phases through the plane only to be blasted by Vanguard knocking her unconcious. He an Darkstar marvel at her phasing abilities saying that they may have come for one savior and found two.  As Wolverine an Dynamo's fight continues Logan notices the plane reving up an knows Kitty is still on the plane let alone Piotr. Taking his mind off the fight Dynamo is able to shock him an make his way back to the plane asking why they are also taking the girl but Darkstar tells him she is of use.

Reeling from the shock Wolverine gets on his bike an begins to chase the plane. He raises to catch up with the plane an leaps up onto the wheel but as he grabs the wheel the air bursts an he slams his head onto the underside of the wheel. Falling unconscious for a few moments he is now "in flight" and falling fast. Finally he makes contact slamming into rock after rock an falling limp onto the snow of Russia saying "Considering the amount of pain I'm in it will take 24 hours to completely heal....24 hours to payback time." Falling asleep he awakes 18 hours later saying "I still got it."


Finally at the nuclear plant he finds that its not like any plant he has seen. He begins to investigate as he contemplate this whole thing being his fault an that if he hadn't told Kitty to go after Piotr she would never be in this. A guard comes to investigate him only to get the tar beaten out of him. Soon he finds the others and another man in a hazmet suit. Dynamo talking to a man named Mikhail telling him how else were they going to be able to use her an get what they needed done. Soon Kitty comes up from where she was within the ground holding her breath. He screams out that she can only phase long as she can hold her breath, an begins running down to her telling her only a few more feet. Dynamo reaches down to her an cant get a hold of her she is still intangible then she...takes a breath. Becoming tangible she cant take it an her body goes limp her eyes still wide open Logan saying " I was suppose to keep you safe..." he lies her down closing her eyes her feet still in the ground and then begins to laugh saying one word "Four". Then as the four of the Russian mutants look at him his claws burst out an he looks up "Theres only four of you, I almost feel sorry for you." an he bursts forward at them roaring.

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This is Darkchild again darn double posting crap

Reign In Hell 3. War Is Hell

Plot Summary

Written by Keith Giffen Art by Tom Derenick & Bill Sienkiewicz Cover by Justiniano

It's all-out war in Hell! The mystic heroes in the DC Universe are forced to choose sides between Lord Satanus and Neron - and you'll be shocked by the results!Plus - A secret detention facility harbors something too horrible for even Hell to contain - what if it gets loose?


The lines have been drawn an some of our heroes are our enemies. Some of our heroes are our enemies, the line of battle has been drawn. And our friendly Blue Devil is in for the fight of his life as he faces off against Etrigan.

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Superman #680

"A dog is man's best friend, there's no trace of a doubt about it. And Krypto will show us that alien dogs are no exception. Beaten and humiliated, Superman is no match for Atlas rage as he's wiping the floor with the Man of Steel. Realizing that he's facing an opponent whose power is based on magic, Superman asks for Zatara's help and the good and loyal Krypto is the only one left to stop the mighty Atlas. But the poor dog will know the real mean of pain unless Superman finds the strength to defeat this unstoppable foe.
Someone Call PETA right now!!"
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Northlanders #10

"Lindisfarne is doomed. The Northmen are here and no one will be able to stop their wrath, not even the local peasants and their so-called army of God. Surrounded by death and decay, Edwin has one last chance to prove himself worthy and achieve freedom: to become a Northlander.
Gather the women and children. It's time for rapine and slaughter because the Viking Age has begun!!
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alright todays teh final day and i actually had alot of fun doing this weeks. Congrats to whoever wins

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The winner has been announced here.

New contest announcement coming very shortly.