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JLA is rumored to hit the big scream 2015 but, I estimate that trailers and clips are going to be released in the end of this year and the beginning of next( probably mostly Martian manhunter) I love the JLA they are awesome and stuff. I like the team composed of batman, superman, wonder woman, the flash, green lantern(Stewart), hawkgirl, and Martian manhunter but, that's not who I want to see in the movie. personally I want to see batman, superman, wonder woman, the flash, green lantern(Stewart), hawkman(he is much stronger of a character than hawkgirl who is based on hawkman), martian manhunter, aquaman ( who's underwater scenes well be legendary), black canary(I am wondering how her power well be represented), robin( from the dark knight rises movie which should be tim drake), and green arrow.

although much of the story is unknown I think it should be played out like this: martian manhunter finds batman and does a ancient martian healing technique( I know a little far fetched but, wayne needs to come back some how) wonder woman and aquaman are vigilante right leaders( the movie being set in a time were slade has made it impossible to be a hero) and their in their secret identities. hawkman, superman, and green lantern trying to get a team started. the flash is getting used to his powers. green arrow and black canary are working together. robin getting his red robin mantel established finds hints of a 2 old robins in the dark knight's life. finds more info.

the villains should be death stroke and lex luthor instead of dark sied. death stroke is a common enemy of the JLA and luthor should be running for president.

well would you like to see this movie ?

who do you think the should be in it?