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**UPDATE: Congrats to Nightwing91!** 
Halloween - tis a mere month away! And while we'll have a lot of fun Halloween content (ahem, QUEST) this month, we're gonna start it off right with a riddle. Just like last week, what you have to do is solve the riddle, go to that place/concept/object/person/issue page, where you'll find instructions for the final step. Then, you'll be entered in a drawing to win the following comics: 

And did we mention that the Justice Society of America issue (far left above) was just signed by friend of Comic Vine and writer of that issue James Robinson, who's here today to talk on our podcast (check back later for that)? Well it is, so that's kinda awesome.  
Now let's get to it, here's your riddle. You have until 5pm PDT today - Good luck! 

Waking from his gunshot bed, 

This man was surrounded by the undead.

Looking for his child and his wife,

he'd lead a group, fighting for life.

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That is an easy one.

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That was pretty easy. I do enjoy the riddle idea. Halloween is a great holiday.

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Please don't post the answer, folks! Let's let everyone have a shot!

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haha nice, took me a minute to figure it out.

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what do you do when you figure it out because i went to the page nothing was there

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@celestialheroin: Maybe you got to the wrong page.
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@ComicMan24: nvm  i had the right story but wrong page,got it now though thanks
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@celestialheroin: OK.
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yay i love riddles even if this was a tad easy

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Yeah, had to do a little more work than I thought I would do...its all good though...

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Wow I've never checked out any of that title and I figured it out. Now I won't be able to get the riddles based off the titles I do read LOL

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good choice on the riddle character....I knew exactly who it was after only reading the first line

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sounds tricky !

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I still don't get how this works. its pissing me off.  I read the above...don't work.

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let the geeks have this one lol

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It was pretty easy but I hate it was over before i had a chance to enter

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and why is it i always miss this event? it's always over before i get the chance... Stupid time difference and LIFE

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Dang.. missed this one.

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grrrr, too late, did it anyway, and find out it doesn't ship to Australia anyway! easy though...